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suicide party! 


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HA! Bravo. When does this dark dastardly day take place?

Joseph 7/1/05

Jooly Fifteenth! A morbid invititation is being delivered post haste!

nate 7/2/05

Dear 2005 Nate,

Boy have you got it wrong, Nat Brain. The future you, ie. me, is embarrassed by the idea that you want to off yerself (even metaphorically) because you're thirty. As if that is the end somehow. What a maroon! You have no idea, Past Self, no idea! After thirty is when your life really gets going! The twenties are totally over-rated, sure you look good, but you lack all the confidence and direction that only comes with getting older and caring less and less about what other people want/do and finding your own thing.

Your thirties are going to be good and productive. Your forties and fifties are going to be kick ass. Can you say Sir Nathan Beatty?


Wow! Sir Nate? Think of the possiblilities!!

Shawn 7/7/05

wow does the sir nate come with an extra 't' for the last name too? if so, that would suck!

yo bro 7/10/05

: ( Won't be able to make it Nate (OBVIOUSLY), but happy birthday just the same! I'll rent Harold & Maude this weekend or something to celebrate...

Alec 7/15/05

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