pssssst! brainfag is retired! i'm now at

each of these issues is in bff * though not all of bf#1

BFF by Nate Beaty

BFF: Brainfag Forever is a 224 page anthology of 8 years of comics by Nate Beaty, from 1999 to 2007.

It's available for a mere 9 dollars from Microcosm Publishing.

these didn't make it but you can read them here


almost 8 years to the day, i ended my 5-year luddite hiatus from technology after dropping out of virginia tech, bought a generic 600mhz pc and registered

i was then a landscaper living in a solar/hydro-powered, woodstove-heated, for-reals greenhouse on the idyllic, cold & clean orcas island tucked in the puget sound. as i retire brainfag, i'm a corporate webnerd living in an overpriced 1-bedroom apartment just outside hollywood in hot, stinky, foul-breathed los angeles.

why retire bf? i have grown tired of explaining my most fav word ever, brainfag. yes, that's a lame eulogy. maybe this is better: lived a long and prosperous 8 years, which is like 250 years old in web-years. When she began telling the same old jokes three or four times, crapping her pants, and craving wheatabix, we decided to put her down.

i have also retired the comic title, "brainfag," but i will of course continue to draw.

you can explore my digital entrails of the last decade by entering the archives.