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Northline by Willy Vlautin 


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looks GREAT dude. Man... I'm so hooked on my RSS feeder I barely ever hit the real site. There is some cool shit floating around in here! I especially like those hollaMun2 illustrations you did.

I have been (incorrectly) thinking that you are spending ALL your time behind the computer. It's awesome to see you are still drawing up a storm.

Alec 1/9/08

you're not alone. traffic here has dropped considerably. could be from not posting anything since SEPTEMBER 29! jesus. so sad. i guess spending 8-10 hours a day on will do that to you.

funny thing is, you've missed a ton of silly shit i've been doing to the site that don't show up on the rss feed in the last month.

nate 1/10/08

hi Nate !
Happy new Year and happy to see that you're still working for this great man named Willy Vlautin ! i'm waiting february to order this new novel ! The Motel life was such a good book, full of friendshipness and fraternity !

take care


max Morand 1/23/08

Yeah, "I am the Beardless Cartoonist" --HAW!

Alec 1/27/08

the illustration is beautiful - i just got my copy of the book this week - I just hope faber and faber do right by you and pay you for this amazing artwork in england do you want me to pop round and 'have a word' with them for you.....

Marie 2/14/08

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