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the end of portland 


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The best part is the scads of bikes escaping through the streets. Maybe you should do one of a giant yuppie couple destroying our neighborhood with a massive flame-shooting stroller.

Sarah 8/16/06

nice.. that sounds like a much better drawing anyway! i'm totally gonna do that.

nate 8/16/06

i think it's the colors in the suits, but it looks like a timewarped illustration from the 80s - like a lost cover or RAW or something.

jonathan 8/17/06

It's so awesome to see this finished after watching you draw it in the coffee shop. I knew it'd really come to life with the coloring job. You knocked it out of the park again Mr. Beaty!

Alec 8/21/06

I like how there are people clinging to them too.

shawnn 8/26/06

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