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Papercutter #2 inside cover 


Illustration / Bab Grag / 28 of 65


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Nate these are just BEAUTIFUL. The comosition, the rendering, the sense of light, the concept of having two streets with and without snow. It's all just great. They're some of my favorite drawings/paintings you've ever done.

Well done to you, and well done to Greg, for asking you to do his end papers.

Alec 2/2/06

thanks alec! can't wait to see it in print.. it seems to flatten out all the tones and is much more enjoyable than looking at it onscreen..

Nate 2/2/06

Hey Nate. These look killer! I really loved how your stuff came out in the first Papercutter, they really make perfect inside covers when you get all the text on there. And this stuff looks like it'll be even better! Very exciting.

jp 2/2/06

just makes you want to walk down that road, beautiful nate!

judi 2/4/06

I just stopped by your-here website once again. You're so freakin' talents!

Rina A 2/15/06

I meant "talented", but you are "talents" as well...

Rina A 2/15/06

Thanks Rina! Are you gonna be at APE this year? I hope to have BF10 done for that (hope.. big word here.. miracle needed to finish 30+ pages in a month, that aren't even scripted -- eek!)

Nate 2/16/06

Oh. my. Gawd. Look at that painting. It is sooo good.

Shawn 3/3/06

This is a really nice piece. Great sense of atmosphere.

Steve Lieber 5/30/06

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