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Dems look real purty, Nate!

Shawn 2/22/05

Cool TRON images on that one. Are you gonna sell these things?


nah, that'd be pretty rude, seeings how joseph makes his living selling journals. though i've thought about designing a super-ghetto, fancy-tastic sketchbook just for the urban cartoonist on the go. haven't put much thought into it yet, but pockets and various paperweights and sections are buzzing in muh brain..

nate 2/23/05

natron... i saw linda c. today in portland and had lunch with her. she said to say hi! your drawings and paintings are truly amazing!

yobro 2/23/05

totally awesome and beautiful. you are inspiring me to start making journals again. maybe after my thesis.

kirsten 3/6/05

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