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'80s dad attacks poorly-dressed son 


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I 'member them tiemz, boy!
That musta bin @ "The Castle"!
Look how young you are! Goodness, sonny, how time duz phly! Howzat fer brazen??? 2 bad yer dad wuz so abusive! Hazent changed a bit... oh, wait, yes he has... lookin' grayer these daze!

Bingham 4/11/06

You know, I completely missed BRACES in my highschool hell description.

Hey John! Yep, gettin gray, but he can still run the pants off his lazy son.

Nate 4/11/06

make that plural! he is in better shape than both his sons!

yobro 4/11/06

I remember that sweater. Your dad had two that gray color. The other one had a zipper and he wore it to work at the NT everyday!!! Shoji Paper Lady


"Gimme back that allowance, I need beer money! Now take this! And THAT! Goochie goochie, you little shit!"

DDO 4/24/08

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