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msg vs. abortion 


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this makes me laugh

judy 11/15/05

They have a lot of shit in their car.

Aaron 11/15/05

There are two cars like this on.. 12th & Killingsworth? Something like that -- and they're like clones -- both have the "ABORTION EQUALS DEATH" stick-on letters on the back, and both CRAMMED full of shit, spilling onto the front seat and dashboard. They've been there for years and years too..

Nate 11/15/05

all this shitty stuff must belong to the kids inside ! but i wonder how can they sit in this creepy cart !!

WHY do those "against abortion people" need to have so many kids !? Does anyone know how to use condoms ?? That would be sometimes so much better !

max aka Lowell Moran 11/16/05

I am 77 years in this world and have been using MSG for 40 of those years. Tell me a story.

westy 11/17/05

'fraid you'll have to track down this car and ask the owner. i have no problem with a lil' tasty M-S-G, but i hear it gives a nasty sickness if you eat a lot of it for a spell and then go cold turkey. some friends travelled to south america and found themselves 3 days bedridden after leaving a region they realized were using a lot of MSG. i'll stick with salt.

Nate 11/17/05

Hey Westy, check this out.

Shawn 11/18/05

Hey, this is getting good. I love it when someone tells me something is bad for me and gives me all kinds of literature to prove his point, which is to say you can do that just about anything--white flour as an example.; and MSG has been used in Asia for over a hundred years. The folks there arent exactly dropping dead or going blind as a result of their consumption. How about a good caesar salad with a raw egg?Been doing that for over 20 years and am still around to talk about it.
Thanks for your input. It made my day. (Westy)

westy 11/18/05

i had to stop looking at that site after seeing:

Definite Sources of MSG

* autolyzed yeast
* calcium caseinate
* gelatin
* hydrolyzed protein
* sodium caseinate
* yeast extract

yikes, seems like everything has some of those, and the "probable" sources of MSG are even worse. i just don't need any extra fuel for my hypochondriac tendencies.

like anything, i think a small amount of MSG is ok, and large portions will certainly make you sick -- but so will large portions of orange juice, ferchrissakes. however, i was a bit freaked by the news that they're spraying MSG on crops in California. WTF is the point of that?

exercise, drink lots of water, and keep things flowing mentally/emotionally, and i think humans can consume just about anything and be ok. we're some amazing machines. i also believe we need to keep a balance of good & evil in our diet and daily existence to stay healthy.

that said, i still prefer salt.

Nate 11/18/05

I prefer smashing cinderblocks and sprinkling it on my food.

Aaron 11/19/05

i remember always riding by these on my way home.

Josh m 1/10/06

But what about msg causing spontaneous deadly injury to a fetus, huh, whadda 'bout dat?

MzPDX 10/13/07

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