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Dude, you are sexxxy!!! No wonder you have so many exgirlfriends.

Was this for a photo reference? Are you drawing a hunky man calendar?

Greg 10/17/05

haha.. a hunky man calendar would be so rad, and a big seller i'm sure.

yeah, both of the weird photos of myself were reference shots, but soon bok said i should put em up because they were so hilarious.

nate 10/17/05

What I want to know is, how do you sleep with that creepy screaming baby poster next to your bed? Do flesh-eating zombie babies haunt your dreams?

Greg 10/21/05

i used to have those exact Giger posters in my morbid younger years (before i became a sensitive artfag). the fact that Soon Bok had them up in her room filled my heart with nostalgic baby-eating joy.

Nate 10/21/05

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