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The Motel Life book 


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that looks awesome! time to start searching for a copy so i can have the artist sign it!

yobro 3/8/06

that is so awesome!

judi 3/8/06

Cheers, mate! What a bang-up job! When can I get me paws on one? Oh dear, I need to put some knickers on...

Joseph 3/8/06

AHHHHHH!!!! I'm SO F***ING EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! It looks GREAT Nate! I'll find a copy if it KILLS me!

Alec 3/8/06

wow! this looks great, as usual... more reasons to move to England -- to get this book. I'll be at APE too, so I'll see you then, for sure!

rina 3/8/06

Allright Nate!! Gonna have to get me a copy.

Shawn 3/12/06

Hey Nate, that's a pretty good news ; i think it's a great highway for people to discover your own work (only if there's some people that still ignore you !).
it's funny because that's how i found your work too. Because of that illustration job you did for a Richmond Fontaine ad.
i'm gonna buy that book on amazon, and i'd like to translate it in french... if i take time too and most of all if an editor is interested in Willy's novel.

max 3/13/06

Holy crap dude. That's totally sweet!


Finished the book today it's hard to put down, and absorbing especially if you've followed the band lyrically from say Winnemucca. Illustrations look excellent. Willy's doing a book reading in London on Monday - already got ticket

Paul 4/21/06

Great illustrations - part of why i bought the book. Do you have Willy's email, so i can send him a compliment on the book? i enjoyed it.

martha clarkson 5/8/06

Thank you so much.. did you buy the book in the UK?

You can reach Willy through Richmond Fontaine's contact (the "Band" addy):

nate 5/8/06

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