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Yup. My 4g is still running semi-reliably. I have to take the poor little bugger apart and put it back together every 4-6 months, but otherwise it seems to be holding on. I went into the Apple Store and furkled with the Touch yesterday- but in the end, I'm not yet ready to move on.

mlaargh 9/30/07

as you can see in the photo, i have a retired 4G ipod w/ a few spare hard drives, both of which seem to go in and out of being "clicky" -- ugh. i've seen some fella working on an interface to plug in compact flash cards via IDE cable to these old 4G bodies, which would be really really cool. the hard drives are just too easy to break. and the oldskool b&w interface + genius scroll wheel interface (adjust volume + tracks through yr pocket while biking, anyone?) is really a great combination. for a music player. perfect.

but yeah, i wouldn't recommend buying a touch unless you really want a mobile wifi device. a friend has the nokia n800 and it's much more geek-tastic than the touch.

nate 9/30/07

btw, mlaargh, yr website fucking rules.

scott looks like a jovial canadian-irish saloon owner / pirate jester / accountant bookie.

and the wii modding?. fantastic.

nate 10/1/07

Thanks! Only been "up" for a few days, still figuring out what to do with it...

You'll likely get a kick out of some of these photos:

Still working on setting up a non-bloated, yet functional gallery.

mlaargh 10/1/07

wow, what a trip down memory lane. thanks for putting those up. some gems in there, and some seriously embarrassing material! my fav!

nate 10/2/07

Hm. Maybe this is what you need under the hood of that ipod.

Joseph 10/19/07

that's the one good thing about it: wifi. and it doesn't even have a memory slot. cool lil' device, but severely limited. boo.

nate 10/23/07

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