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Responses to my Invite:

posted in Home Jabber on June 02, 2004

This just cracked me up.. these all came at once:

  • "I'll be outta town this weekend, but congratulations on getting it together."
  • "I'd come for sure, if I wasn't leaving for Chicago tomorrow (for Book Expo). Good luck!!"
  • "Congrats! I will be in Reno for my little sister's graduation from high school. Otherwise I would SO be there."
  • "uh, I don't think I can make it."

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uh...i have to wash my hair this weekend...sorry, i would love to be there though.

yobro 6/3/04

thats what ya get for last minute invites bro.

sistachristian 6/3/04

Nathan R U L E S. His show grabs your attention as soon as you walk through the door. Everybody stops and looks around. RULIN'!

a-ron 6/3/04

Yo yo yo! We'll be there. But thats just cause we couldn't think up an excuse. HAHA!!

Shawn and Bec 6/5/04

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