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My new Korean bunyun scraper

posted in Home Jabber on November 21, 2005

Jeremy and I are sitting in the boisterous Fresh Pot talking about how we should do a new issue of Shrike.. I mean, it's been TWO YEARS since we got our asses in gear. Another project I keep meaning to get to, and in the meantime, I sit and clicky-clack on the dying laptop that has lately been refusing to rise from sleep. Which every time makes my testicles tingle with fear. I really don't like the new Powerbooks, and this lil' beast just keeps on chugging. I think I need to put more electrical tape inside, that seemed to fix it last time.

But the newly awakened and empowered freak thought to himself, "Screw that! Computing is for pussies. I'm gonna do me some killing."

(Guestimated thoughts of MODOK -- link sent from Joseph pthbbbt Robertson)

I've gotten *two* cards following my eyeglass experience at Hallmark Opticians -- it's like they knew how bad of an experience I had at America's Best and decided to spoil me with on-the-brink-of-creepy thank you notes. The second one, shown here, was carefully and painstakingly hand wrought flattery, with the entire date written out on the card, as well as "Oregon" on the address. He didn't just write "OR" -- no, this man is very thorough. Very sweet but, like I said, a little creepy. This place has been in business for 40 years, and the man who wrote this has been there 25 years -- I wonder if this was some sort of special treatment (it took 3 weeks for my glasses to arrive, and I was getting a bit impatient), or if he writes these out for *every damn person* who comes in. Either way, amazing.

Thank you note

Having been working on a mac for a few years now, I have until now avoided emulating the juicy polished metal button look they've used so much in the Aqua interface. But the other day I found myself emulating an add-to-cart button, with their fancy lil' reflection across the top, and I was so embarrassed I was
My cheesy add to cart button

  1. Spending so much time on an add-to-cart button
  2. and Emulating the oh-so-trendy metal look on my button

I decided to post it on my website, just so you can laugh at me.

Korean bunyun scraperIn closing this boring entry (I might edit it later, but I'm running out of juice), I leave you with a scan of one of Soon Bok's gifts she brough back from Korea. I *think* it's some sort of bunyun scraper (god knows how I like to scrape my bunyuns) -- I can't really tell as it's all in Korean -- but it's like a tongue scraper with little razor blades on it. And the package shows a foot being vigorously attended to. Haven't had much of a chance to use it, but as soon as I see a bunyun, I'm scraping the hell of out it. Korean-style.

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that tool is to scrape the excess calluses (sp?) off your heels, I think. Cleo used to do it all the time with a regular razor! Creeped me out, but i finally tried it once and bled all over. My foot doctor explained that feet have to have some calluses because, well, of the load they carry. I like that foot illustration!

judi 12/7/05

ewww. i like clean feet, but that's just gross. seems a bit more sane to scrape with a loofah than a razor blade. *shudder*

Nate 12/7/05

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