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The sad and slow strangulation of PHP Brainfag

posted in Home Jabber on September 28, 2006

bus dweller 1You may have noticed a certain lack of enthusiasm in updating ye olde Brainfag. It's a multi-tiered disinterest. For most of this quiet spell, I've been insanely busy with both webjobs and illustration (becoming a lame excuse, since it's a constant thing).

I landed a small job with McSweeney's (! not sure what publication as of yet), painted a new cover, backcover and inside cover (as well as a few inside illustrations) for the new album "13 Cities" (which kicks ass by the way, excited for it to come out early next year), drew a Mercury illustration, the new Papercutter inside and back inside covers, a card illustration for Ezra's new thang (still working on that) ..

Aaaand on the web front: an online donation form for Literary Arts (as well as a new slick, one-page checkout inspired by Panic's), a new comics community site/mailing list, the online Zinester's Guide to Portland, a site for Bill Daniel (not wholly my design, I just worked off the fantastic original by Gilbert Guerrero), facillitated the spread of yin yang art at (now THAT'S all my design beotch, word), as well as some XHTML/CSS templating working with Peat Bakke, and a few other sites almost finished. Whew. Been a craaazy month.

bus dweller 2Add to that we're leaving for Korea in a few days, and the fact that I've been mad sick, assumedly from stress. But now I'm better, and we're leaving soon, and I'll be off the computer for a month taking photos and drawing.

I'd been hoping to move over to, but I think I'm going to just keep my fancy illo/photo portfolio site (with BIG 1024x768 layout), brainfag will continue to be my blathering station, and clixel will get a makeover to be a more fauncy web-portfolio. And all will bow to the power of Django soon enough, because Django kicks ass. And PHP is like, so over.

Been drawing people on the bus a lot lately. Getting my chops ready for Korea. Attaching a few doodles to this post.

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Congrats on all the STELLAR work! Your Mercury Illustration looks awesome. I'm sure you'll get more work out of them! The sites look good too...

I like the idea of keeping your blog here, your illustration stuff at and web work at Clixel. You are a three headed monster of productivity!

You totally need to make a "Carnet De Voyage" for Korea! Jackee just spent a week in Peru and she was drawing the whole time. We all want to live vicariously through your drawings...

Have fun on your well earned break!

Alec 9/29/06

and are all those new photos taken with yr new 5 billion dollar camera? cause they look like they were taken with a 5 billion dollar camera.

hot tones, mofo.

razor pixels giggling the rods and cones in my baby blues and making them holla, holla, hoo-ha, hep, hep, yo.

O & good luck in the land of kim-chee & brilliant cinema.

dont be ill, ok?

ok, then.

ps: i've decided you should come for mardi gras & witness the utter & absolute apex of our dastardly decadence. that would be fine & quite fucking fun, i tell you.

dwight again 10/1/06

have a great and safe trip bro!

yobro 10/3/06

all those images from overseas happen to be friggin amazing. what a weird vibrant jumble, huh?

dwight 10/18/06

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