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posted in Home Jabber on July 22, 2003

OK! FINALLY! Top Shelf is finally live! (Well, it has been since Jul07, but I'm an infrequent blogger.) Witness my headlong portal to geekdom. Gawk at my Ultimate Distraction from drawing brainfag. Buy a book or two and recognize my highly-researched ease-o-consumption-checkout.

The third Portland Zine Symposium is in a few weeks, and I won't be finishing Brainfag7 before then. That means I haven't put out another issue is a *whole fucking year*. Ugh! And I've been unemployed/freelance employed that whole time! Pitiful! I am the MASTER PROCRASTINATOR. Does that make me Master Beaty? Bwa-ha. Ha.

I just wrote in a letter how I've prioritized my summer:

1 .camping
2. swimming
3. drawing *
4. outside projects *
5. shrike *
6. webshit *
7. coffee **
8. eating ***
9. pursuing girls ****

* randomly reorders
** jumps from 1 to 7 every morning
*** irritating habit
**** hopeless

Oh-hoho, I'm such a crackup! Speaking of geekdom, I recently built a Linux box and installed a server to house (still working on the redirect...) -- which will eventually be my design site.

This Saturday is my ten year reunion... and I'm going! Am I fucking nuts, you ask? I don't know! I don't know why I'm going. Tres and I are planning to have a good time and even have a room at the Embarcadero overlooking the bay.. (About a block from my dad's house, funny enough).

I finally started writing my bit for the Shrike #3/Avow #15 (? or 16?) split. Should be done by early next week. And I'm working on the PZS program and 2003 Zinester's Guide as I type this, with Mr. Gran-ton himself.

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