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posted in Home Jabber on October 04, 2003

Brainfag #7 is out! I ended up finishing assembly at the Backspace opening.. watch the procrastinating comicgeek sweat & slave away at his hand-crafted magazany! See him twitch & stutter from too much coffee & beer and no sleep! Hoo boy, isn't he a catch!

The covers came out beautifully.. Stumptown Printers continues their steadfast tradition of perfectly crafted printjobs. I'll be making more copies on Monday to send out to those fine folks who pre-ordered-- right before I head up to Orcas for another 2 weeks of trench-digging in the sure-to-be-moist San Juans. Fall is certainly here and the gray gloom is closing fast. Must hobble together my dingy nest for the winter before it's too late!

I'm email-less in my new house, and I won't have a phone before I leave, so excuse the late replies to those who write me.

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Dear Brian Fag,

My deapest condolences about your unfortunate last name. I enjoy your drawings and your paintings. Your sense of humor is, well, to say the least, funny. To say the most? Not enough room in this little box. Or does it expand to accomodate my ramblings? I guess the only way to tell is to fill up the box...

Why yes it does. In that case I don't feel that I'm a good enough writer to say just HOW funny you are. It would take sombody like... say... oh, I don't know. Somebody very smart. Like... a doctor.

Well.. I've got tea burning on the heater.

Corn Flakes,

Cap'n Crunch 4/6/04

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