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R.I.P. Brainfag?

posted in Home Jabber on March 21, 2004

foofy frickin watercolor

Is it just me, or am I *always* working on a project that requires me to completely recede from relaxing social interaction? If it's not a website that had to be done 4 months ago, which sucks my zit-popping face into the LCD for 14 hours a day, it's an art show that I've known about for a year, but put off until two weeks before, where I put my zit-popping face into the paper for 6 hours a day. (Computers are for some reason much easier to spend hours and hours on uninterrupted, probably due to the fact that they are devices of satan.)

Above is a detail of the foofy frickin watercolor I've been smearing zit juice on. I would LIKE to do a nighttime scene, but hells bells I don't want to spend 16 hours spreading BLACK WATERCOLOR PAINT. Bah!

Anyway, it's going to be up all of April at the Fresh Pot on Mississippi, as if anyone who's been within five feet of me in the last month didn't know. (Who I assume make up a large percentage of my .. readers? Are there people out there?)

On the geek tip, I put up an early version of Clixel, so I can bombard all of my clients' sites with a logo, damnit, and people will come to CLIXEL and want to hire my ass, because they won't be OFFENDED by that saucy title that ironchains me to obscurity & lack of commercial success: BRAIN-FAG. It's actually time to move, on, folks, and let brainfag become solely my indie comic, reserved for violent cynical seizures in which I don't have to worry about upsetting the average, pansy-ass, beef-bloated American. This might mean will be getting some serious attention soon, since brainfag will cease to be my main contact. Clixel will also be fancified in the coming weeks.

*sigh* It's like smothering your favorite child with a dirty censorship pillow. How sad.

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sayit hain't sew!

scott 3/22/04

I think the new site looks super nice! I like it and I think the name change is fine - don't beat yourself up about it, no reason you can't have seperate names for seperate things. I look forward to you being a part of the outsiode world again.
p.s. like the painting

Anonymous 3/23/04

alas poor brainfag......

sad viewer 3/23/04

what will i do without I know, I know it will still be here without the name, but it won't be the same. what ever works to make you a happy dude works for me.

yobro 3/24/04

well, shit, folks.. brainfag will still be here. it'll just be geared towards COMIX, and maybe some flash, experiments, that sort of thing. my webdesign contact / portfolio will move to Clixel, and i'll start playing with Dostuff more, which is going to be DIY tutorials and failures, and maybe my programming forum (tho that could fit on any of the sites, really).

chill out.

nate 3/24/04

Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I was sooo scared. I almost quit my job and became a nun

Shawn 3/25/04

ha! shawn.

nate 3/25/04

dude, is not working, and what about the do stuff web site? i know, i know you are busy and all, just askin?

yo bro 4/15/04

err.. yeah, i should.. err.. fix that. it works fine on mac, oddly enough. but PC has problems with something. i just don't have the patience or time to figure it out right now.

NATE! 4/16/04

Nice painting nate. Is that going to be in the show? Howz about hanging your stuff at Redwing in July eh?

rachel 4/19/04

oo, i'm totally down with that rachel. sounds perfect. yes, yes, yes.

nate 4/19/04


Anonymous 4/21/04

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