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Bwana Ruled King of PDX Comix!

posted in Home Jabber on April 26, 2004

The battle was fierce. Walking away with the esteemed title of Pdx Indie Comix Guru, with a last-minute cutthroat Battle Royale, swiping all of "Mount" Renier's points in one fell swoop, was pu-pu brother Bwana Spoons. Aaron and I were schooled royale, not even finishing our last punchline panel of the "First Day of School" challenge.

An email from a co-organizer of Stumptown Comix Fest (where, consequently, the next Comic Art Battle will be held in June), John Worsley, summed up the festivities well:

The music selection was excellent, the artists were quick and quick-witted, and the crowd was into it. (..lil' snip)
To the featured contestants: Nate: One day, thousands of confounded comics historians will puzzle and pore over the "incomplete sixth panel" of your "First Day of School" rendition, trying to unearth the meaning behind "it." I blame you.
Ezra: Your zombie dentists will leave me with nightmares. Good luck with your tour, and watch out for oversized, novelty axe-weilding ice cream cones, pork chop-related or otherwise.
Alec: Nice to meet you, and I don't care what anyone says, it rules that you are oblivious to the nature of scabies. Avoid Tony Millionaire's "Maakies" with diligence if you intend to stay that way.
Aaron: I had to suspend my disbelief when you implied that old folks walking their shar-peis would be armed with (used!) bed pans, but considering they were dueling with a rabid, tampon-wielding donkey, I will concede that this is something of a picayune criticism.

(I admit I had to look up "picayune.")

Ezra, who organized the show, left today on a cross-country book & CD-release tour for his Changers graphic novels. The CD, fresh from the press, looked absolutely beautiful. However, mid-stream in listening to it on my Powerbook last night, it threw my computer into an absolute tizzy, bringing about the multilingual OSX gray-screen-of-death, and after powerdown & restart it gurgled & choked on the CD, not booting until I spit it out. What the hell, Ezra? Is this some sort of post-battle sabotage?

The Oregonian had a reporter & photographer there, and apparently we're going to be featured this Friday, so I'll send a snippet if it's flattering. Altho, when I told the reporter I draw "Brainfag" she said "Oh, I might not be able to get that in." "It's a medical term for brain fatigue." "Well, if I take that angle, I might be able to squeeze it by." Ah, too racy for the Oregonian! Scott said that's what I get for being so edgy.

I met a girl who's making this oncoming rush of summertime all the more exhilirating, hence the slow updates on brainfag.

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Dude. If you type in "Comic Art Battle" in Google we're THE ONLY ONES to show up. We are so COOL. And when I say "cool" I mean really really nerdy and strange.

erin reinhurgh 4/27/04

Hey--more pictures of Nate kicking ass HERE

Alec 4/28/04

Uh. How recursively nerdy and strange does that make ME, because I just hit this entry by doing a spontaneous Google search on "Comic Art Battle" to see if anyone else had done such a thing.

John C. Worsley 4/30/04

AND an official WRITE UP from the Oregonian about the Art Battle is HERE

Alec 4/30/04

Hey Nate, I'm in Iowa right now so I can't kick your ass in person for blaming my CD for your shitty ass computer's crashing problem. But really, my CD couldn't do that, could it?

E to the C to the D 4/30/04

Ha Ha!

no one in particular 4/30/04

Your ass is MINE, you hear me? MINE.....

see you in June!

OLEKSYK 5/6/04

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