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New Photo Section

posted in Home Jabber on May 05, 2004

There's a new (& long-overdue) photo section, which was inspired by a walk last night w/ Scott's camera, my favorite digital camera I've ever used, a Sony DSC-S30. It's old, but fast and has a good interface, and the nighttime colors are so much more vivid than any other digital I've used. Anyway, I put up a few images to start out with, but there's surely more to come from the 5,000 photos on my computer and the umpteen thousand physical photos in my drawer.

Been really busy lately, so not much time to draw or update Brainfag.

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busy doin what?

shawn 5/6/04

busy doing things that keep me from updating brainfag

nate 5/6/04

oh yeah!?

shawn 5/8/04

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