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posted in Home Jabber on May 25, 2004

Goddamn that photo is sooooo hot. That's back when I wore necklaces and festive shirts. Looks like I haven't seen sunlight in a good 6 months, too.

Today is americano, rabid drawing stretch, tornado thru room, drinking roommate's beers, assault on weeds and recycling, tear apart two by twos chop as stakes and ride to walgreens to buy string and hammer stakes in garden and string up a jungle gym for the snap peas, nate dogg at high decibels, more caffeine, thoroughly destroy ancient 11-yr-old photo album and toss in goodwill pile, dismantle dumb sized-for-teenager desk and recreate as spacious FRANKENDESK, more beer, more caffeine, hurricane dishwash, and, finally: PAINT. (a hopeful but inaccurate lie.)

And it's 5pm.

I never want to let computer feel left out, so I fix the OPERA SCROLL BUG in my fantastic Microcosm redesign (hurrah for opera dorks) and then implement a javascript CSS style-switcher and start on my OWN CSS STYLESHEET that will not look 1998 codegeekblackandorange like the site does now. And finish up the Reviews/Interviews revamp on Top Shelf.
Can you tell I'm in a tearass volatile mood?

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i was the opera dork who complained about that.

Anonymous 5/26/04

well, doody-how, ok, glad i could support the use of a weird-ass, CSS-confused browser which can't figure out the inheritance of position:fixed to a position:absolute child element.

nate 5/30/04

what i wrote above makes no sense.

nate 8/21/08

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