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posted in Home Jabber on May 12, 2004

trouble spooning

Well, well, well. Everything has gone a little haywire. I've been mad-busy, yes, but with an ever-interesting variety of activities -- from having my nephew, niece, mom, brother, sister-in-law and Skye over for dinner a few weeks ago (& mom, nephew, niece & Skye all staying for the weekend), to a 5-day visit to Skye in Olympia (photos soon), with a new dishwashing job tucked in the midweek, as well as big updates to Top Shelf & Microcosm, new work coding with Ray at, a possible complete redesign of, *and* now taking on a UI job with a programming group here in Portland.

I've also decided this would be a great time to embark on a big comic project and have started outlining my rough ideas in a sketchbook that sometimes veers into related collage such as the above image.

And my art show that I panicked about a month and a half ago, is REALLY this June, which is twenty fricking days away. I seriously *still* have not *touched* anything since the very moment I heard on the phone that it wasn't actually in April, but JUNE. I want to do two more big watercolors, but they take at least 4 days of solid work each.
What else? I know there's more. My brain's just overloaded.

Adding to all this good news (it's good, right?) is my annoying 5-month health shit (how's that for specific?) has subsided for a good week, and not only am I feeling normal, I think I'm actually feeling GOOD for the first time in a long, long time.
Ain't that grand? This blog suddenly feels really weird and useless. Why do I do this again?

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You do this as an outlet for tha' mad shit that be happenin in yo' life... right?

shawn 5/12/04

found this site by Googling "blogs are dumb"

Adam 2/15/05

also googled blogs are dumb...

and yup.

chico fuentez 8/2/05 too. I tried googling "blogs are gay" first, and got a buncha crap on blogs outing people.

Blogs are dumb worked just fine though.

Hand Solo 10/8/05

i'm reallly disappointed i don't show up for "blogs are gay" -- i just might have to change the title of this entry.

Nate 10/8/05

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