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Flemish Buasky-Sarcasm

posted in Home Jabber on October 20, 2004

In the last Comix update to Top Shelf, Brett hooked up with the Flemish comics collective, Pulp Deluxe, and they approached me about publishing Brainfag 6.1 and 6.2 on their site. They also sent me an email questionnaire about my inspirations, biography and whatnot. I replied in a drunk & particularly sarcastic state of mind (very unusual, I assure you).

Long story short, I sent them off some months ago and never heard a Flemish peep. On a whim, I just checked and there it was, translated to Flemish (the questionnaire that is, the comics are wordless, unfortunately). The site isn't terribly intuitive to use, but if you click on the second-to-the-right word bubble on the bottom ("STRIPS") and then click on Brainfag, you can then click on my name on the bottom right to see my sarcasm in Flemish.

Some entertaining Dutch -> English webtranslated tidbits:

"Training: Continuous reading and careful pushing back beroeps-gerelateerdesocial contacts" (Each day I strengthen the pushing back.)

"Opening: Brainfag#5. People could find themselves well in this strip. I think, however, that my real opening must come still... but he has been planned!"

"Craig Thompson; an OK pear and incredibly goeie writer and draughtsman"

"I start realise itself that goeie friends who as much signs or evenmore than I am the best source of inspiration; and I price myself fortunately them personally to know such as Aaron Renier, Ezra Clayton Daniels and Alec Longstreth. It has been well remembered to that SIGN it PLEASANT already was it is but prevent that you degenerate to rigid, bitter, unsuited kribbelmachines." (I couldn't say it better myself.. Wait, I did say that!)

"Now I am busy to a thicker book that beginning 2005 must end up." (Hopefully it will draw inspiration from this intriguing English form of writing that it is here reading with.)

"To price: Portland Comic Art Battle Champion: June 6-June 24, 2004." (Ha! This was my response to 'Awards and Recognitions')

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Somebody didn't vote HARD enough! I think I did... I voted pretty frickin' hard. Was it you? DID YOU VOTE HARD?!!

Aaron 11/3/04

Hey, at least Oregon, Washington and California showed some sense. As well as New York, Illinois & Wisconsin. The rest of bumfuck America has dragged us all into the depths of neocon hellfire, for FOUR MORE YEARS!

I find it fascinatin' that DC voted NINETY PERCENT for Kerry! Our capital showed by far the most disapproval for the current government. Go figure.

Where's that damn rope...

nate 11/3/04

I voted SO HARD, but it still wasn't enough... I'm so depressed... WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??? Oh god...

Alec 11/3/04

Hey at least 11 out of 11 states voted to ban same sex marraige. Oh wait, thats homophobic bigoted ignorance!! And now its in our state constitutions! Although, I think it is only a matter of time before this bullshit gets repealed. When will we(the rest of US) ever learn? Soon, I hope.

Shawn again.... 11/4/04

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