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Dear America

posted in Home Jabber on November 04, 2004

Why did we re-elect the barely functioning monkey?

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Aparently more than half of the US voting people are ingorant sheep(most likely) or well aware of of Bush's actual record(fewer but, even more scary). I myself was suprised that Bush was the first president to get more than 50% of the popular vote in a very long time. Are people really that clueless? Do people really think Bush is winning the war on terrorism by atacking Iraq? Do people really think Bush can turn this economy around by not vetoing one spending bill and running up record deficits? God fucking god!!! What will it take to make people wake up and see who he really is and what the hell he(and is administration) is doing? Ahhh, that feels better. Thanks for letting me spew my political disgust all over your comment page.

Square root of Shawn to third Power 11/4/04

i must add a note though: Not everyone voted for that piece of (explitive). A little less than half of the US voted of "Not Bush". If only we can get it to be WELL over half....

Shawn again, some more,,,, 11/4/04

apparently that's a common question : what will it take to rile the U.S. at large into finally removing our neocon fully-adjustable action-figure-in-charge? (who's currently relaxin' in Camp David! you know, rough day reading all those words other people wrote and attempting to conceil his stupidity -- speaking of which, this video of Bush demonstrating his not knowing what "sovereignty" meant is pretty hilarious/disgusting.)

nate 11/5/04

On Nov 1st Bin Laden gave a speech in Aljazeera which was directed at the American people. Only portions of the tape from Osama bin Laden was released in the US -from the Arab news agency that received. On the "unreleased" portion he claims al-Qaida is winning by bankrupting the US. He said 9/11 was a good investment. They spent about $500,000 on the operation and the US has spent $500 billion in response -so far. Having read the transcript it is obvious that even Bin Laden knows that Bush's "War on Terrorism" is misguided, full of lies, and deceit. And yet Bush's stump speech was all about "protecting the homeland" and "keeping the war on terror over there and not on our soil." That is the most arrogant destructive thing you could say for the war on terror. America needs to understand WHY people hate us. It is NOT because we are free. It is because America is a huge mega-plex of greed, arrogance, and we will do anything to other countries/people if it means greater dividends. They don't hate us because we love freedom. It is because we trample of countries/people like we own the whole damn world. We will not win the war on terrorism by killing terrorists. We will win by looking at the hatred for America and stop doing the things hurting others. We can also look at why young people in the middle-east are willing to strap a load of explosives to themselves and blow themselves up. They are unhappy with the living conditions in their country, and they see the complete luxury and decadence we live in (even the lower middle class). That makes it very easy to turn their frustrations into anger and resentment for America. If we looked at improving other countries or at least lift some of our damaging sanctions people might be a little less willing to blow themselves up to fight "The Great Satan". There are VERY few Americans if any that feel strongly enough about something to blow themselves up for it. We need to look harder at our policies not our borders. I would recommend reading the transcript of Bin Laden because he talks about where the hatred comes from. If we prevent the hatred we can prevent attacks. If anyone is interested I can send you a copy of the transcript. I want people to understand that I am NOT anti-American. I do not condone what Bin Laden has done. I think that there are many great things about America. I just think that our foreign policies need to be analyzed. If we can improve on how we treat others this could be a great country. But as of right now we live in utter decadence while we quietly oppress/ignore other people to make a buck.

Shawn 11/6/04

funny thing is that anyone even paying half-attention will see that bush, the man, is just a figurehead, a puppet. the bush administration is really running the country along with their corporate cronies, not bush himself. everyone focuses on how big an idiot bush is, and i think that's accurate, but the bigger picture shows that he has nothing to do with anything. so who cares if he's an idiot. as far as i'm concerned i would have been perfectly comfortable leaving bush as president if kerry picked the rest of the administration.

it's the same thing with reagan and the terminator. if bush (or either of those others) were really in charge, nothing horrible would ever happen because someone needs a minimal degree of compotence to carry out such brutal acts. it actually takes some imagination to plan brutality.

i think we've seen how effective fear is in getting votes. cheney was talking doomsday, and he scared the shit out of a lot of people which causes them to seek shelter under a powerful leader. when the german currency took a dive in the 30s, hitler was right there, perfect timing. people were terrified about their future so they huddled under a powerful leader that didn't take any shit. and that one didn't turn out very pretty.

bush is just the front, like the machine in the wizard of oz. all his actions are carefully orchistrated. that's why movies and other anti-bush propaganda like fahrenheit 9/11 were ineffective in a way, because they portrayed bush at times as if he actually were in charge of something. if moore had just shown that bush is the puppet and totally focus on the others in the administration, then we might have seen some real questioning by the masses. he did it a little, but not enough.

anyway, i checked and it's a long wait to get into canada. if you feel like teaching english, you can probably get out of the country for a while and maybe even get citizenship if you stay long enough somewhere else.

homer j brown esq. 11/6/04

The main problem I have with leaving the country is: If all the people who are disturbed by what's happening and who's in charge leave they will not be able to vote/complain/activistize(?). This will only make the Bush administration and people who side with them stronger.

Shawn 11/6/04

I hear ya. But many intellectuals saw what was about to happen in Germany and decided to fight from the bleechers, which I think can be more effective. If you're under the gun, you can't do a thing, especially writers and artists, and I know for a fact that there already have been contacts between dissident artists and the fbi. It's scary stuff. Not to say everything has been scrapped already, but it's getting there. This country, empire to be sure, is leaning towards fascism in a serious way.

Activistize, I like that use of Bush idiom. Clever.

homer j brown esq. 11/6/04

Why Americans Hate Democrats—A Dialogue
The unteachable ignorance of the red states.
By Jane Smiley

Gary Walrus 11/7/04

I wish I had time to respond to all the idiotic statements above, but I do not. Bush is a puppet? What evidence is their of that? The fact that Al-Qaida spent $500,000 for 9-11 as a good investment to our $500 billion is bull shit. We have not spent $500 billion on Al-Qaida. Far less then that has been spent and we have rid the world of ¾ of Al-Qaida that existed on 9-11. The red states are not sheep. You will never get 58million to follow anything. You won’t get a majority of 10 to follow anything, unless it is a good idea. Bush got the votes he did for a number of reasons. His ideas are in line with most Americans, and they believe that he has the best chance of implementing them. Bush is the republican candidate and even if you don’t like him, you will vote against the idiotic ideas and feelings of the liberals. So much of what I read above is just so idiotic it’s impossible to respond to. I cant argue that 1+1 = 2 if you first don’t agree that the number one is a representation of one thing, and not something remotely different like a letter(A).
Your hatred of the Republican Party and anyone in it that stands in rank is blinding you to common sense. Your arguments are just too stupid to intellectually debate!

Baa! Baa!

James 5/5/05

ummm, ok

shawn 5/5/05

Hah! What garbage. I've given up on this country. The republicans can have it, so long as they'll let me leave. There is no hope for this place so long as the religious nutbags are in control. James, you go, girl. Enjoy the ill-gotten fruit of the USA, in Jesus name.

Nobody 5/5/05

james, you are a dope, go suck your thumb in front of your television homenim? aw yeah.

james hater 5/5/05

James will be first in line for his National ID card. BAA BAA

Aaron 5/6/05

Baaa Baaa Baaa Baaaa (hint: I am a sheep)

shawn 5/6/05

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