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Computer Rage!

posted in Home Jabber on November 18, 2004

Here I am trying to GET MY ASS IN GEAR and get rolling on the 5,000 avalanching webprojects falling on my head, and my Powerbook's hard drive just starts grueling away, sounding like a big pile of wheat germ has just been poured in the finely-tuned porridge of an OS that so glamorously gleams back at me, ooo, O-S-X! So fauncy! So goddamn gluttonously SLOW and over-decorated. I sit and wait and wait and wait for it to stop gllrrkkrkkrllzzzlling, wondering WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? while trying to resist the building urge to put my fist through the fantastically active-matrix LCD screen that uselessly shows me the frozen state of porridge mulling my computers stuck in.

Granted, I'm trying to design a menu in Photoshop, translate that to CSS in Dreamweaver, compose an email, burn a CD, download a bittorrent, am running Suitcase with 40 extra fonts, and am browsing 8 windows on Firefox -- all at the same time. But, really, my computer should be able to keep up damnit!

Just had to get that off my chest. Apparently in this tip-of-the-paradigm, technojuncture-apex (?) computer running OSX with a puny 4200 rpm hard drive and 512mb of RAM is nothing but a bottlenecked jock, just waiting to rage out on the pansy-ass data. My xmas wishlist? 1gb of RAM and a 7200 rpm drive. Or just a new Powerbook, how bout that? Who's my sugar mama? Or even better, a ticket to ten years in the future, when I have again decided to toss these damn contraptions in the proverbial drink and return to digging in the dirt.

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Well Santa's has just the thing for you. I have a nice new shiny ticket to ten years in the future. Call now to redeem your prize!! Your prize will be delivered to you right away!!*

*Please allow 9-11 years for processing and shipping.

Santa Claus 11/19/04

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