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Awaking groggy and hungover

posted in Home Jabber on May 09, 2002


May 3

Rode to Star E Rose for breakfast and coffee with Aaron, Ana & Jenna. Drew a few frames in my developing journal comic. I'm still struggling with finding a format to display these. I'm thinking I may link a frame, such as the one above.


May 4

Been on the computer all too much last few nights getting this damn file upload script to work. Saw SCRATCH at the Laurelhurst, which revitalized my hiphop fervor. Somehow I've gotten 5 overdraft fees in the last few days! AGH! I don't want to talk about it.


May 5

Good lord. Awoke groggy as hell at 12:30 and stumbled to a brunch/benefit show at Nicole's down the street. Worked with Shawn on and then rode REALLY FAST to Una Mas to partake in five Cinco De Mayo buckets o' Corona with Scottt, Jeanette, Jake, Jeff and Pat. I don't remember much after that.


May 6

Arrived at the post office 2 minutes after 5pm closing with large packages precariously bike-rack transported 20+ blocks. Decided not to burst bulging floodgate of 20 years of pent-up anger on the postman. Later I saw the Satoko Fujii quartet at the Old Church downtown. The Ruins' drummer played with em. Fucking amazing show! Yay!


May 7

Perhaps I finally have "my most embarassing moment" story to tell. We drove down to Albany to visit Tres last night. Ended up at Snarky's, drinking 7 pitchers, playing pool and having bad jukebox pick battles. We closed the bar and stumbled out to the car, drove 5 minutes and got pulled over. This is about when I had to vomit. And of course the cop took forever checking all of our IDs and asking us questions..He gave scottt the watch-the-light drunk test (he being the designated driver, thank god, passed fine) I am holding my vomit in with all my willpower. Finally we're off, no ticket (!), with the cop following us. By then it was too late. Before I could say anything i barfed in my hand, which of course spilled out onto the floor. I had been hoping to just wait it out and recover at Tres' place, but the policeman destroyed my plan. Jeff and I cleaned the back with Pledge and Febreze at Tres'. An excruciatingly slow & nauseating drive back to Portland ensued, with only a few pull-over-and-pukes. Ugh. I'll never drink again!


May 9

Well. I think I may have fried my liver with that little Snarky's episode, as I had 2 beers last night and fell in bed sweating and depressed, hallucinating all night. That sucks, eh?

Off to Orcas for a few days. I <cough> saw Spiderman yesterday. Yes, it's good. What's wrong with you Hollywood? First Lord of the Rings, now this.. Did someone take their head out of their ass, or am I still hallucinating?

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