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Sick bear loves city

posted in Home Jabber on May 20, 2002


May 13

Awoke to 3 hours of email catch-up & website maintenance brainlessly munching trailmix and ignoring my growing need to pee. Is there any question why I'm single? Right, anyway, breakfasted (?) at Star-E Rose which was actually really crappy, like the weather, and then I rode home and painted and cooked enchiladas and improved my day by 1000%. Orcas kinda woke me up and I'm feeling much more excited about life all of a sudden. In tribute, I radio-actively, color-blindly, heart-bubblingly celebrate city livin with the above bear.


May 14

Even with renewed vigor from the clean, fresh island air, I find myself unable to be headstrong and tackle the city outside. Instead, I tinker with my website, daydreaming of one day finally using all these computerized human skills towards my financial well-being. Unloaded a bunch of shit at the bins, drank a few at the Vern with Jeremy & played pool, rode home FAST and felt O-K with renting a movie, eating enchiladas and enjoying a nice, hot shower to Young Marble Giants. mm-hm.


May 15

Cooked a mean pot of chili, an interesting pan of vegan cornbread, a radish & onion-infested salad (& Aaron made some phat hummus.) Then people came over and wine bottles popped up everywhere calling my name. Also cigarets fell from the sky into my puckered lips. I organized a recycling pile of the slew of bible books & gospel tapes the crackhead neighbors left as they were evicted from upstairs. Then I did a dance when no one was watching. Been reading A Scanner Darkly by Philp K. Dick.


May 16

Attempted, once again, to find a used BMX cruiser. It''s no use! I'll just have to stick with my trusty red TREK commuting machine. I just wanna jump! Ride wheelies and weave around people on the sidewalk, bunnyhop cars, you know. I am building a loft for my bed. Pretty soon my room will be totally crammed with shit and I'll never have to leave but to pee and eat. That'll be AWESOME!


May 19

My bed loft has evolved into quite a structure. Aaron and I watched Bladerunner last night, which I thought was based on the book I'm reading--wrong! Been working on the Zine Symposium site quite a bit.. Reading Dave Cooper's Suckle elicits jealousy and awe, as well as inspiration to get started on the next brainfag. Cooper is one of my favorite comic artists right now, and one of quite a few amazing cartoonists in Canada.


May 20

Began a new painting.. unfortunately I became exhausted 5 minutes into it from lack of sleep combined with the comforting intoxication of carcinogenic oil mediums. I fell on the couch and watched the Collector, based on the novel by John Fowles. Oh yeah, after seeing the FUCKING AWFUL new star wars movie, I walked miles in the rain with Michael, slowly concocting the design to assasinate that total FUCKING SCHMUCK george lucas. I want my $6 back, you bag of shit!

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