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Unlikely Inspiration

posted in Home Jabber on February 14, 2005

This morning I watched the Cyndi Lauper video on the special features for the Goonies DVD, which featured some of the most gut-wrenching, dorktastic antics of Rowdy Roddy Piper and various other wresting celebrities from the era.. gak! I couldn't figure out if I was more irritated with what sophisticatedly duped consumers we've become, or with what coke-and-dope rubes we were. Even though I was a tough breakdancing bmx mofo named Overdrive at the time, a pure product of the era, I still think the eighties were pretty awful.

My stints in Portland have become longer and longer -- in the last three weeks I've only spent 2 days in my wonderful little Astoria nest. The upside is that I've been drawing more and more.. mostly on the bus, mostly of people. Which is great, because I rarely draw people.

I hung out with Aaron and drew his studio while he worked on page 159 of his upcoming book, Spiral-Bound. I also got to see his new cover, which is fricking awesome. I'm so jealous -- I want to draw a full-color cover for my book I've been drawing for two years!

So, it's valentine's day, and for once I get to partake in the festivities. Soon Bok and I are going to brave Nicolas', which I'm afraid is going to be total chaos with all the low-income lovers flocking to good eats.

I've got some new ideas for a third chapter of Brainfag 6, but it requires braving I-5 and gigantic electronic stores for reference. This was mostly inspired from a visit to my Mom's new home in Kent, and our attempts to stock it with a computer and desk purchased at Fry's and Ikea. Good lord, I've never seen parking lots so big, and the sea of consumer-stuffed cars gushing outward towards the depressing flatland burbs was overwhelming.

I -- am -- so -- glad -- I -- don't -- drive.

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the color stuff looks great. i love each new one you put up. the problem is if you're going to print it yourself on actual paper instead of pixels, it gets really expensive. that's when you need top shelf to pimp for ya!

good work.

by the way, the postcards are trickling in. there's some really funny ones.

scott 2/14/05

here here, I too am loving the colored illustrations. I wouldn't sweat the reproduction concerns though. That's the beauty of having a website, right? It's like a giant full-color electronic zine! And you don't even have to kill any trees to share it with us.

Go Digical!

Alec 2/14/05

I love how you drew the trees like Aaron does.


Hey I don't want to sound TOO dorky... but it's Rowdy Roddy Piper. See how it roles off the tounge? Um... should I even sign this? Do you want to know who wrote this? Hmmm... I'll give you a hint.... "Appleseed" was one of the dumbest movies ever made. Visually? I don't know... It was like watching "Waking Life"mixed with "Akira." You really didn't miss much. Oh... and do I draw trees like that?

Nevermind!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/15/05

Rolls off the tounge? What the hell are you talking about?

OK, I fixed my grammatical error -- I hope Roddy Piper isn't all pissed and tracking me down. "I'LL CREAM THAT LITTLE BRAINFAG!"

And those aren't trees! Those are rhodies! Gawd!

nate 2/16/05

Rowdy Roddy Piper used to own a couple of muffler shops in Portland, including one I used to pass every day going to work on Division, out by like 138th. I was young and impressionable and shocked by the idea that somebody "famous" should have a day job in the muffler business!

Krunk 2/16/05

Apropos of yer Jack Nance comic... have you seen the documentary about him called something like "I dont know Jack?" I guess it is on dvd now. I imagine it is cripplingly depressing.


I did see that documentary -- Movie Madness has it in Portland. It's actually pretty good, if I remember right (it seems to be mired in middle of the three-year-drunk of my Portland existence). Though I'm a sucker fan for anything David Lynch. Rarely a fanboy, but I love just about everything he's been affiliated with.

nate 2/18/05

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