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DSL-less in the backwoods burg

posted in Home Jabber on February 17, 2005

So I came home to Astoria just in time to witness my trusty ol' Actiontec 1520SU DSL modem sputter to a sad death after some three years of servitude. Needless to say, *nobody* in town offers a DSL modem for sale, so I'm out of touch for the next few days while I have one shipped to me. Argh!

Therefore, my server isn't working, and clixel, pdxcomix, and dostuff are down. (So send emails to my nate *at* brainfag account instead of the clixel one...)

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Dang. Maybe I will ship you my dsl modem as a backup. It is sitting in my closet collecting dust. I am sure I will never use it again. Would you want it?


Well, if it's compatible with Qwest DSL, hell yeah.. I'd rather not have 2 days of panic again.

nate 2/18/05

I am not sure of the specs for Qwest dls. I used this on Verizon, I believe. Anyway, the info on the modem is here:
I believe it technicallty is the bridge, but not positive. Anyway if you think it would work as a backup, it's yerz. Yerrrrrrrrz.


Unfortunately, I don't think that modem's compatible with Qwest. Hell, I don't even think the one I bought off eBay's going to work. Hopefully a new Actiontec will arrive tomorrow. Funny thing is, the only advantage it will really offer at this point is allowing me to compute from the livingroom via wifi.

nate 2/18/05

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