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That White Fuzz Feeling

posted in Home Jabber on February 28, 2005

It's frightening to run into projects that you're so excited about and have set such high standards for -- that you just freeze up. I'm trying to design some mockups for The Motel Life cover, and am drawing shit.. as well as blanks.

The other freeze-wall is, which I really want to make into a kickass site, and am having such a hard time coming up with an innovative and unique and usable and badass design. Maybe it's because I'm associating the adjective "badass" with it. We've got a bunch of data entered in the database and now it's just up to me to make it into a breathing, heaving, punching, cursing website.

This week is my first solid week I've spent in my house in ages, and I'm trying to hole away and get caught up. It's kind of working. I spent a good portion of a day looking for a program to help me organize my to-do list which has become so out of control that I don't know where to start. I ended up with Check Off, which altho simple, is nice looking and effective. What I'd really like is for it to be able to clock the amount of time I spend on each item.. but I don't want the glut of features that programs like Studiometry have. I currently use Khronos to track my hours -- if only I could smoosh Check Off and Khronos into one simple app.

(As a sidenote, the developer who recently took over working on Check Off had this disgusting photo on his Flickr account of his new dual-2.5ghz G5 with 4 gigs of RAM and two 20" Apple Cinema displays.. jesus!)

Does anyone have some awful photos of I-5 full of cars (preferably from above), or a huge parking lot, or the inside of an electronics store? I know, they're all such great photo opps (sp?), I'm sure all my readers have plenty laying around. Readers? Bwaha.

My brain's starting to get that white fuzz feeling which arises when too many projects fall on my head at once.

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speaking of, did you get my email? I would love to donate to the site!

yobro 2/28/05

Yes, I did.. 'course what I need most right now is just design inspiration. Maybe you could send *me* a few of those old bmx mags. Like some from the early '80s. That would be SUPER COOL and very helpful.

nate 3/1/05

Dude, what about iCal? You can use it in reverse to keep track of hours (enter things on the days that you did them, instead of days that you WILL do them) and I'm pretty sure it's got a to-do list function built in. Plus it's SIMPLE and it's already on your machine!

Alec 3/1/05

i will look and send. do we have a good address for you yet? I could also scan some stuff and email it.

yobro 3/1/05

Peej: My address and phone number are always at the bottom of every brainfag page, on the About page, as well as on Clixel's contact section. Just for future reference. Thanks for sending those!

Alec: I've tried to use iCal on many different occasions. The nice thing about Check Off is it's just a tiny menubar app -- very unobtrusive and always handy. iCal is just one more app open on the dock, and for me, that's one too many. (I *always* have a bunch of shit open.) As far as tracking time, I switch among some 10 different clients, and with Khronos I can just select from a dropdown list (again from the menubar), and hit Record. Pause when I take a break, etc. With iCal I'd have to manually enter every little job I worked on -- a nightmare. And there'd be no way to tally my hours.

I did check out a nice little program that integrates with iCal (basically automating that process of entering times on different days) called Time Log, but it costs $15, requires you set up your clients in your Address Book, has a cumbersome interface and didn't immediately work for me. I might look at it again.. especially when the new version comes out.

Funny, the only thing iCal has been to me over the last 2 years is a weekly reminder for my volunteer shift at Reading Frenzy.

nate 3/1/05

Yeah, I don't even use iCal, but I needed a wake-up call yesterday because my alarm clock is broken so I set it to play "Good Morning Good Morning" (from Sgt. Peppers) and was thinking, "this little guy can do some stuff" but it sounds like you've got too many balls in the air (JUGGLING MIND YOU) for that. Luckily you've already got it figured out! GO NATE!

What the hell am I sayIng? Time for sleeeeeep...

(this should have been an email)

Alec 3/1/05

I really dig your art normally, but the woman in this one is pretty amazing! I don't know what it is about her. Just wanted to let you know. If you want to get things done... go to Gig Harbor, WA! Nothing going on ever!

white~devil! 3/2/05

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