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Plugs From the Deep

posted in Home Jabber on March 10, 2005

I already mentioned this once, but I thought I'd plug it again: the book I've been reading, The Fortress of Solitude, is really damn good, and Powell's has it on sale for eight bucks. OK, plug over.

The above, beyond-the-deeepend-colorblind-and-i-dont-care, illustration du jour, is of my burgeoning artist-fiend nephew and niece, Aaron and Hannah. (And... the award for the sentence of the year goes to---) I did a recent whirlwind visit to my brother's in Bend with my mom, Krautqueen Extraordinaire, and got to witness the tailend of a basketball game featuring nephew Aaron.

aaron's versionIt's so fricking beautiful out it hurts. Hurts to sit inside and work. So outside I go.

Two weeks on the move-to-Portland countdown.

At right is nephew Aaron's version of the above illustration. The kid's damn good. I just noticed his 1cm, 2cm, 3cm on the measuring cup -- how rad is that?

The 2005 edition of the Portland Zine Symposium website is live. I'm as happy as a geek in a mudpit with how the new version of my msgboard turned out on the site. Too bad that it still barely gets any use.

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i put a post on the PXDzines msgboard. you're right, it does get barely any use! that's too bad. especially for those of us who need rides and places to stay. all in all, it looks really good tho. please excuse my horrilbe spelling!

White~Devil! 3/11/05

Err.. I don't see that msg you left. ha! maybe the software is BROKEN! For some reason, all the msgboard installs I've done have been like ghosttowns. I think I'm cursed.. like presence-of-Nate = avoid-conversing-like-the-plague.

nate 3/11/05

c'mon people, not on my own website! i am cursed! *sobs into keyboard*

nate 3/15/05

I urge you to take photos of that kooky bathroom you have there in Astoria, before you move out.


ok! by jove, here is a picture of my shower.

nate 3/15/05

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