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Must Not Compute No More

posted in Home Jabber on March 20, 2005

It just hit me that moving to Portland a week before the month ends means I move FRIDAY. I peel myself away from the computer and begin the packing frenzy, mind racing at what I need to get done in what has become only a few days.

In the past few weeks I have hunched & crunched & conceived two redesigns: the third version of and the fifth version of Shrike is still being fine-tuned, especially for you sad chumps who choose the antiquated, infuriating Winblows Exploder. Please please please do the about-to-implode webdesigner a favor and get yourself a copy of Firefox!

Immediately after getting Shrike up, after a many-houred session of dicking with tiny little CSS changes, I gushed out the scary drawing above. I am so wanting to draw right now.

I also quietly made the site live for Michelle Klein / Snap Design after a few months of testing. Check out her retrotastic, hand-sewn, deluxe laptop bags. If I wasn't such a non-decorated, doodad-free honky I'd jump on that shit. Instead I stuff my $2000 super girlfriend into a $30 plain black Northface backpack called "Modem."

Next up is the redesign of

And inbetween, after, before, during, whatever: I am drawing a coloring book for my niece Hannah, a comic for the next issue of Avow, and finishing chapter 3 of Brainfag6.

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HURRAY FOR BF 6.3!!! I can't wait to see that.

HEY--when you are packing up your stuff, make sure to pack your PRINTER and TONER last, so you can get it out first--Aaron's gonna need some help in PDX!

Alec 3/20/05

Wow... Alec is the most on top of everything of anybody on the planet. Can I ask for your printers help for a night? I'll buy toner. Or maybe I should just BUY one. This should probably just be an e-mail.

erin rhiner 3/21/05

Public email! It's the next big thing!!!

Alec 3/21/05

the bmxmuseum is excited to be next on the list!!!!
We KNOW it si going to be great!!!!
And I am excited to have nate back in PDX!!!!

bmxmuse 4/2/05

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