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Buh-bye Ass-toria

posted in Home Jabber on March 23, 2005

And the strange boy from the fourth floor scuttles his beetle-ass back to the big shitty. In a last-minute, unexpected whirlwind move. In a was-he-ever-here cloud.

This stay has brought about some clarity in not only what I want to draw, but how I want to live. And I guess that's all I asked out of Astoria. I didn't get to spend much time exploring what she has to offer, but then again, that's not what I came here for. All I wanted was some clarity. And distance, time and a little quiet offered that.

I'll definitely miss the friends I've made here in Astoria, most of all Joseph and Mary, but I'm damn excited to have procured some of the best damn penpals an artist could hope for. I love writing letters, but really haven't had the opportunity (or need) since I first lived alone on Orcas years ago.

OK, enough sentimental drivel. Expect a lot of drawing in the next few months. I'm holing up in a sparse attic, and living with my girlfriend will by default kill my 3am sessions poking around with superfluous computer shit. It's all business with the computer from here on, damnit, (except uploading new drawings and photos to Brainfag, and essays to Shrike.)

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Beautiful picture! Welcome Back, Nate! We missed you!


pdx 3/23/05

I love all of the close-up texture pics, yo.

Shawny Shawn 3/24/05

Yay! Penpals are nice.

Joseph 3/25/05

Um... I don't know who wrote that... but it wasn't me.

Best Regards,

PDX 3/25/05

YEAH! it's about damn time you left the computer alone for a while! go out and enjoy portland, it's one of the most beautiful cities... ever. oh yeah, nice pic!

White~Devil 3/25/05

Shawny Shawn and the Heffalumps! That would be an amzing band name. Am I right? Can I get a WOOP WOOP?

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch... yes we ALL wrote this. 3/26/05

Hey there fella. Moving back? Get in touch with me. Miss ya.

Raymond 4/1/05

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