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MoCCA ate our table!

posted in Home Jabber on June 02, 2005

Even though Alec sent in his deposit for our MoCCA table in DECEMBER, and received an email from the director, including confirmation that his registration "logged", they now claim they have no record of Alec's form or $120 check and are not offering a table. Cool, huh? Especially since my family forked over $250 to fly me to New York to go the fricking event.

Crow T-shirtWe still plan on attending and having a good time, meeting cartoonists, trading our asses off, maybe even putting together a "How MoCCA Fucked Us in the Ass" pamphlet (haha) (hoho) -- and of course, lots of New York exloring during the week I'm there outside the weekend of the event. So, not a total disaster. It's just LAME how they've handled the whole situation, not even returning emails to Alec for MONTHS and disregarding the email records Alec has from the director saying they received his registration.


Crow T-shirt #2I'm gonna try and print up some t-shirts tomorrow using one of the crow designs here. I've spent way too long waiting to print new Brainfag shirts. I also still have to endure a few hours at the xcopy shop to make some ungodly number of Brainfags to swarm the unsuspecting MoCCA crowd.

I'm sure it'll be a hit. Brainfag's always a hit. Bwaha!

So, anybody care to vote on one crow or the other? I'm having a hard time deciding.

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Yes. It's all true. Fucking shit. We are still going to take that place by storm! At MoCCA 2006 they'll be like, "Oh shit--weren't you those CRAZY guys from last year who didn't have the table???"


Alec 6/2/05

I vote for crow #1, because it is a little easier to tell it is a bird.

You should give it a voice bubble that says "refrigerate after opening!"

Anonymous 6/3/05

I like the Crow#1, although the Crow#2 has a certain "look" in his eye.

Shawn 6/4/05

I agree about the "look" ... because I'm voting for #2! Ha! Although I'm probably wrong. Maybe if #1 were skritchier. DRAW?

rn rnr 6/4/05

I'm gonna cast a vote for #1.

Joseph 6/5/05

yep, #1 it is... the color is better on #1....

yobro 6/5/05


krissy 6/5/05

I already said this in an email to Nate, but I feel I have to step forward now and defend Attack Crow #2.

I think #1 is a little too LITERAL (like, "Hey! It's a CROW!" Whereas I think #2 would make a more BOLD (?) t-shirt. It would SORT of look like a splash of paint or something to the untrained eye, but then you look closer and it's an ATTACK CROW!!!

But I mean, whatever. They are both cool. I want one!

Alec 6/6/05

Thanks for all the input, folks.

I really do like the first crow as far as graphical appeal.. but when it comes down to it, I can't fit the logo with it anywhere. Therefore the second design wins out, although the "skritchiness" has been blackened and the logo's a bit smaller..

But! Since we officially lost our table for MoCCA, I'm not going to bother scrambling to have them done for NY, just to carry them around in my backpack. Eff that. When I get back, tho, there'll be some new t-shirts.. and I might just have them professionally printed as I found a cheap place to go to with non-sweatshop tees to boot.

nate 6/6/05

I'd recommend American Apparel-- they're made in LA, sweat-shop-free, and you can get organic, un-bleached cotton (the 'Sustainable Edition')... a little pricier, but very nice quality. We used 'em for our robot #1 shirts, and I'm still wearing mine, shameless self-promoter that I am. Full disclosure: I'm /not/ getting paid by American Apparel to plug them... heh. Oh, here's their site:
BTW-- re: BF shirts-- I want! Gimme! PS: Mary sez-- BFF! BrainFag Forever!

Joseph 6/6/05

If I'm not mistaken, Diesel Fuel Prints uses American Apparel. But maybe not. Personally, I really like Jerzees tees as far as durability -- I've heard AA shirts fall apart.. but sweatshop-free is pretty damn important. I don't want kids toiling away just for some lousy brainfag tees.

nate 6/6/05

Be sure to order some 3x-5x size shirts, for yer fat fans. IE, me, mr fatguy.

Anonymous 6/6/05

Oh one more thing... maybe you could get the crow in white ink on a black shirt. But I guess that would be a white crow then. An albino crow.

Anonymous 6/6/05

But what about us kids who are toiling away our day on your website?

Shawn 6/6/05

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