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I give up

posted in Home Jabber on May 26, 2005

Old lesson learned anew: leave shit alone. I decided to reorganize the attic space, moving my PC across the room, and failed to realize my external 200gb drive was attached. After falling maybe TWELVE inches, it instantly started gurgling like a repeating Kraftwerk hook. Not good. I lost all the scans of drawings I've done since moving to Astoria, along with the 100 pages of Brainfag 9, which had a LOT of corrections and adjustments. I haven't fully realized what I've lost yet, and really don't want to think about it. Although losing seasons 4 through 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer hasn't bothered me yet.

I also wasted a good two or three days installing Tiger, the new version of OS X, on my laptop, only to find it riddled with little bugs and annoyances. Further conviction that I should just leave well enough alone.

Turns out it's just impossible to do the things I wanted to do for MoCCA. Well, not impossible. I'm just not strong enough. Not focused enough. And there was just no way I could keep working on my web projects while drawing 6 hours a day while hanging out with Soon Bok while printing old issues, etc, etc. I do hope to finish Brainfag 6.3 and put together the bunch as a single issue. I have no idea where it's going at this point.. my brain has offered really strange and nonsensical pages to draw, such as: train leaving city, train in snow in country, jumbled train & semis & industrial complex, man emerging from sidewalk, man floating, man wrapped in black thread by flying bugs without feet, then dropped from above a bridge, then more underwater scenes. Huh? Am I oil to the water of linear storytelling? Jesus.

I guess it's pretty obvious at this point, but I changed Brainfag. I'd been putzing around with this undesign for a while, and was getting really sick of looking at my old design. It's almost minimalistic to a fault, but goddamnit, it's clean, and it only focuses on the art & photos. Speaking of, I fixed a LOT of the color illustrations, making them larger and of better quality.

Non-Mac-geeks can disperse at this point..

Like many others, I am ambivalent about Tiger. The coolest thing for me so far is Spotlight's ability to search text fields in Photoshop documents, even from the File Open dialogue. I save tons of mockups on all of my websites, and often don't title them accordingly, so when I need to quickly find the "Post a Comment" button which is buried in the buyButton.psd file, Spotlight finds it for me. Thanks, Spotlight!

I still find myself using Butler for most of the ctrl-space, type-an-abbreviation tasks, such as opening applications, finding phone numbers, quickly opening a System Preferences section, etc -- Spotlight proves too slow and unfocused for a lot tasks. But for searching for documents, Spotlight is pretty damn amazing, especially since it's integrated into the Finder and Mail.

And the rest of the "200 improvements"? Dashboard is pretty useless except for making my girlfriend sigh with pity as I say "look! look! it floats onto the screen!" I never use it. The fact that I have to select my wireless connection upon waking every time is really irritating, and I can't seem to fix it (Fix Here). My Powerbook has recently taken to freezing frequently, and then beeping three times (making my blood run cold) when I try to start it up (which, I learned may be from the 10.3.9 update KILLING YOUR LOWER RAM SLOT! aaaagh! my friend Scott's Powerbook now has a dead slot on the bottom. Coincidence??)

Fuck it's hot here in Portland. I'd kill for a motorcycle right now.

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Surely you have backups of your data, on a different drive!

Anonymous 5/26/05

You really prefer Butler to Quicksilver?

I find Dashboard is great for things I check compulsively: the weather, my netflix, system info, daily word, daily quote, daily tao, stuff like that. Just a toy. But Tiger is faster, and that can't be bad.

I agree that Spotlight is too slow. If something takes more than three seconds to show up, I'm already pouring more coffee.

Raymond 5/26/05

well, this kind of caught me inbetween CD backups, and in the midst of an OS upgrade on my laptop.. I was in a comfortable lull of easily-accessible, seemingly-solid 200gb of storage. so, no, some stuff wasn't backed up elsewhere. like i said, i haven't even really thought about it, it's really depressing to lose work like that.

Raymond: yeah, I do prefer Butler, but I haven't given Quicksilver much of a chance. I just really like Butler's simplicity, speed, and customization options. don't really need no fancy visualizations.

nate 5/26/05

Don't sweat the MoCCA stuff...we might not even get a table! My advice would be to at least PRINT OUT a bunch of stuff before you come to New York. That way, if we DON'T get our table you can at least barter/trade and walk away with a bunch of rad Comics without having to actually spend money. That's MY plan anyways!

Alec 5/26/05

Yeah, I'm definitely going to bring a buttload of printed comics. I think this will be my last print run of Brainfag9. (So order while you can, folks.)

But mostly, I think I'll be soaking up New York and just drawing my ass off. That sounds like fun enough for me.

nate 5/29/05

oh man that sucks about the hard drive & lost data. I have always wondered how much those professical disk-doctors can really pull off. If only there was a fund for "poor artists who lost really good (digital) shit".

It's nice to hear Tiger get bitched out a little since I can't afford or rip it in my current situation. I am even avoiding reinstalling the 10.3.9 update after it caused static to play over all my sound out, and for my usb sound card to cease working all together!

Brainfag is a great place to talk about hating loving the computer.


I wonder what the Mac users here think about the whole intel chip deal announced today.

Anonymous 6/6/05

Well, Anonymous, I just sat and read a bunch of the MacWorld Discussion on the subject, and I'd have to agree with the slew of folks who say Big Deal.. who cares what CPU is inside, as long as the OS supports it? Tho, this "Rosetta" filtering for PPC code on Intel architecture sounds lame.. I can't imagine it's as fast as it could be with native code.

Yet I also have to say, it does kind of give me a queasy feeling. I was a diehard Amiga user for the majority of my computer geekhood, then had a PC for a bit, but when OSX came out, I felt like an Amiga-like creative computer was again available. Hopefully this move won't cause Apple to lose that edge.

Blah blah.. when it comes down to it.. it's a simple hardware change. Wish they would've went with AMD, however. Much more faith in AMD than Intel.

nate 6/6/05

Yeah, AMD works for me!

shawn 6/7/05

Why "much more faith" in AMD? Just because they are the "little guy," or are you just a fan of asynchronous design, in and of itself.

Anonymous 6/7/05

The lack of temporal concurrence always gets me hot!! AMD is so sexy!!

Shawn 6/8/05

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