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Minimum Report

posted in Home Jabber on August 02, 2005

pete playing trumpet

Oh man, what to report? Don't feel like I have much to say lately. This last month has been a focused workfest as I hope to drop from the all-too-stocked ranks of Americans in Credit Card Debt. I've also been feeling the urge to purge again. So.. much.. stuff.. However, I've gotten a bit of work, and will be doing another triptych of big ol' Portland cityscape watercolors for Tres, so the purge (with eBay's help, of course) can wait a while.

The drawing above is our friend Pete (Botch) playing with friends at the County Cork. I've been wanting to see him play for some time. I was a little disappointed as he promised he was going to play the trumpet, sax and bass guitar simultaneously with multiple orifices. Instead he just played them singly like a standard human. He did, however, play exceptionally well with his dedicated orifice (and accompanying limbs).

Soon Bok leaves for her month+ trip to Korea in two weeks. It's all of a sudden too soon, and too real. I'm gonna miss her badly -- better stock up on international phone cards.

Summer is a good time to remember to just not-think and lay in the sun and watch trees lazily sway. I've had a few good moments where everything just disappears. Very relaxing.

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Two months! Are you going to go insane? We should go see movies about marching penguins and fighting wheelchairs to calm your aching heart.

Clutch 8/2/05

i have a feeling the month+week will pass very quickly. i am already insane. but yes, i'd love to watch that fighting wheelchairs movie!

nate 8/3/05

Count me in!! Watching fighting wheelchairs movie that is...

Shawn 8/3/05

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