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Spiral-Bound is Out!

posted in Home Jabber on July 25, 2005

spiralboundWell, you know how I love delivering bad news. So let's get it out of the way (and ignore the fact that I've told most people I know who read this (who would get the implications, at least)). The cover for the Zinester's Guide to Portland which I spent a good 6 hours on, has been inadvertently saved as a 700px wide, 72dpi, flat image. For those of you who's eyes just glazed over with as soon as they hit "px" or "dpi" -- I wrote over the PRINT version of the file, which is a highly-detailed, huge file with many, many adjustments in the lineart and a separate color layer -- with the WEB VERSION, a tiny little flat useless file you can only look at on my website. UGH!

In the great news category, Aaron's book, Spiral-Bound, is out, two+ years in the making, and you should immediately buy a copy or three. It turned out SO BEAUTIFUL, it's really inspiring. I guess that's all I really have to say about that. Congrats, Aaron.

I've recently been running with Soon Bok if you can believe it. My dad sent me a fancy pair of space-age running shoes that he swears by for my birthday (shown at right on Soon Bok's tiny feet), and I've been pounding the pavement ever since. I get a little less sore each time I go. I doubt I'm making it 3/4 mile before exhaustion at this point. But you gotta start somewhere, right?

I've decided that eating cold watermelon on a hot day is about as close to a food orgasm as you can get.

Went for my first swimming trip this summer on Sauvie Island, which was fun. The beach was big and homogonously sandy and packed with meatheads, buxom teenagers, hotdog-pink-shouldered mommas, travelling melon salesmen, and we awkward honkies. The water was the perfectly chilling temperature, and was dotted with jetski junkies and kiteboarders (or whatever that insane-looking sport is called) and every once in a while a HUGE tanker would float serenely, surreally past and cover the beach with large waves. Strange, but fun.

Went to dinner with Craig and Shannon the other night at a fantastic indian hotspot on Hawthorne, and was reminded (once again) I should get my butt going on a book. Mentioned were the David Byrne writing-block-busting methods of Brian Eno, the sprawling 500-page book by Trondheim wherein he learned to draw as he went, and basically the gist that I should just get going on SOMETHING and work from THAT.

On the geek front, I've been toying with the blazingly up-and-coming Ruby on Rails by Ray's adamant recommendation (they're even organizing an alternative opensource get-together with the maker of Rails, FOSCON) -- but, although there is so much to it that seems beautifully simple & elegant & whatnot, it involves hours of learning a new coding language. Which is not much of an exciting summer project to me (nor is it inline with my Steer Away Computers When At All Possible dogma). But I'm tinkering. And it *is* interesting.

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So what "fantastic indian hotspot on Hawthorne" would that have been?

Shawn 7/28/05

Hello Nathan,

Are we still friends ???


Ted K. 7/29/05

Ouchy ouch ouch, man. This is why I never, ever, ever close my PSDs, and take frequent History tab Snapshots.

OK, I close them when I shut down. But first I obsessively verify what I have done. And occasionally just drag C:_Art to my Seagate external drive. Anyway, I feel your pain on that, and give you understanding in DPI.


Yeah, lesson learned. These sort of lessons pop up every few years after you've become lazy and forgotten the last catastrophe.

I just went to print a copy of Brianfag 9 and realized that's the one major thing I lost when my external HD went kaputz. (Which, btw, Lacie replaced free of charge with a bigger 250gb hard drive -- damn nice of them.) So, I just scanned the **100** pages of Brainfag 9 and have yet to put it back in InDesign and impose it, just to print another copy from home.

nate 8/9/05

wow... you are are a huge homo. I can't beleive you would post a website with this much faggy talk. Maybe you should hump another homo with aids so will die faster. Every couple years i hear something supergay, but your whole summary in homoland, gave me enough homoness to last a lifetime. I was looking up brianfag to make fun of a friend, and I ended up on your horribly homo gaysite.

dan 8/22/05

sweet, i've been handed a slew of possible new taglines:

  • brainfag: horribly homo gaysite
  • brainfag: huge homo, much faggy talk
  • brainfag: something supergay in homoland
  • brainfag: enough homoness to last a lifetime

dan, you're a genius.

Nate 8/22/05

The BEST PART is that he was actually looking for "BRIANfag" HA!!!

Alec 8/22/05

yeah, that's what typos get you (i wrote "brianfag 9" in one of my comments) -- hatemongers from google.

btw: what does everyone think of this (totally gay) new yellow stuff going on throughout the site? improvement over the old stark b&w look? homoland?

Nate 8/22/05

"Maybe you should hump another homo with aids so will die faster."

Wow, it's like a Shakespeare sonnet. So pleasant to the ear and the soul. My hat is off to you Dan, you sir, are a poet!

Clutch 8/22/05

Ummmm....I was googling running shoe parts for a class, and the photo of a nubile leg in a Brooks running shoe popped up, and the rest is history. Your dad was correct, that is a particularly highly rated Brooks model of running shoe your friend has on, but I digress...I don't find your site to be an oasis of gayness in a desert of queerfaction or whatever that pickle-kisser called it. I actually enjoyed it. Nice work, and good luck with your running!

charlie 2/24/07

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