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Raw Beef Tea and Toast Water

posted in Food on September 09, 2005

Yes, summer is coming to a close. In celebration of those last few sprigs of sparkling sunshine in the quickly clouding sky, we here at Brainfag would like to offer up a few refreshing beverages to salute the changing tides. May we suggest seasoning your Toast Water with crumbled, dried fly and moth from the kitchen light fixture?


Our tireless scientists are back at it again. After a four year hiatus, the highly trained beverage technicians have decided to bring to light the culmination of four years spent in the basement tasting whatever liquids they could find. They assured me beef was the meat of choice for hot, delicious, mouthwatering and nutricious meaty tea, but suggested trying cat, rat and voles for an equally exciting treat.

As far as to the strain of bread recommended, the beverage technicians said "bread on the edge" yielded the most flavor and, as an added bonus, it supplied beneficial flora to tingle the intestines.

Without further ado, let us unleash these surefire kid favorites upon the global palette.

Raw Beef Tea

Make fresh for each meal. Shred 1/4 cup raw beef. Fill cup with hot water. Let stand 15 minutes. Strain and serve at once.

Toast Water

Toast thoroughly two slices of bread. Break in pieces. Cover with 1 cup boiling water. Let stand 1 hour. Strain. Season and serve hot or cold.

Rest assured more delicious recipes are forthcoming.

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is this atkins approved?

Shawn 9/9/05

I N T E R N E T !!!!!! mine!!!!!! yes! *cough* i drink my own beef tea! i call it aaron tea! and i don't even need to strain it! but it pains me a little when I don't! um...

acorn rhinelander 9/9/05

Thanks, Nate, for throwing some sustanence my way! Digging BF 9 so far!

billis 9/17/05

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