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posted in Home Jabber on September 18, 2005

swamp monster.

piss-smelling building to die in.

birds who will not migrate.

camping in dark woods.

It's a full moon tonight. My day has been shards of aging sunlight, hungry cats, coding coding coding, braintired of computercoding, stiff dancing, video smear of long exposure in early nightfall, and bike riding all over the place. How I love my bike.


Peak oil? Bring it on. We're there. It's happening. Our infrastructure is going to collapse. New times are ahead. Better start planting some gardens, folks, because grocery stores are gonna be expennnnsive so so soon. And like I said, GET A BIKE!

New Orleans has become a jab in the ribs of the oil-drenched suburbia-spread carculture here in the US. An unexpected source for shaking up the media and sedated citizens. (Well, not so unexpected, I guess..)

And riding home tonight I got buzzed by a gigantic Chevy truck with a big ol' SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ribbon. We deserve our fate, I guess.

I was reading in Harper's today how insanely in debt our nation has become since Bush came into office. How we've gone from being the largest creditor to the largest debtor in a very short time. How we are simultaneously passing bills for tax cuts for the upper echelon of wealthy shitstains while we pass bills for umpteen billions of dollars for rebuilding New Orleans, as we ALSO pass bills for MANY MORE umpteen billions for building more roads and bridges and bombing Iraq. It's just ridiculous. I am such an empathetic sponge of a human, I absorb the greater emotions surrounding me, and the state of our nation is really making me one glum motherfucker when I let it.

Tube RadioI found an old tube radio at a garage sale and have been listening to Air America Radio, the "progressive talk radio station" on the AM dial. It's really effing depressing. News is morbid. I think I'll go back to not reading the news for a while.

It hasn't helped that I've been obsessed with war movies.

Last night, good news, I watched CHUNGKING EXPRESS! Sheeit, what a cool-ass movie. I'm a new Wong Kar Wai fan, big time. I'd only seen Happy Together, and that didn't hit me as hard, but it was soo beautiful. I want to go see 2046.

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one should never underestimate our population's aptitude for forgetting what happened just two weeks ago. it's really quite the tired magic trick. new orleans?! o yeah, new orleans. the refinerys are the first thing they'll fix. this has already been determined. they were talking about it before i even left. presto & abra... the rabbits in the hat.

jeremy 9/18/05

Well how are they supposed to help people if they don't have their precious oil? Of course that has to be the first priority. Get the nations pacifier back in its mouth and then deal with the poor. I'm looking more and more forward to using BioDiesel We area also are a one car "family". It's aonly matter of time before the oil is gone. We just wont realize it untill shit hits the fan.

Shawn 9/18/05

quick, go type "failure" into Google.

or click here:


we are able to make cars roll with used fries oil, or colza or any vegetable that can produce oil but here in France, but government prefer to keep its taxes on petrol and declare those cleaner energies illegal !!!
i would like to join the Get-a-fucking-bike-brigade" with the bmx i was riding when 13. Can i hold the weight of the world with such a bike ???? Am i all alone ??? please help !!

max 9/23/05

nice ole Radio : is it an Airline, or a silvertone ? from sears and Roebuck's ?

max 9/23/05

It's actually a General Television.. looks to be about 1946, all tube and still works. I had to replace the power cord, though, as it was deteriorating.

Also, my roommate pointed out that the original diesel engine was designed to run on peanut oil, and I also read that Ford designed his engines to run on ethanol. Both Diesel and Ford believed the future of fuel was plant-based -- 'course then came along the oil tycoons and say goodbye to light rail, trains, and sustainable fuels.

Nate 9/23/05

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