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My new snack of choice

posted in Home Jabber on January 25, 2006

crack sandwich

These live up to their name: I opened the package out of curiosity and find myself almost finishing the whole damn thing tonight. I so love asian marts and their vast array of frightening snacks.

In other news:

  • As Alec pointed out, my submission is up (old news, I know, but I never officially posted it). I look/sound like such a crusty old grump in my submission. I need help.
  • I bought a new, faster, bigger, happier harddrive for my laptop and spent all night moving my supergirlfriend's guts over without one stinking hitch. I am geek. Hear me roar.
  • We had a moment of sunshine here in pdx, which inspired me to ride around without proper winter clothes, then the sun went down and it was even colder than before. This has been a dreary-ass winter here in Portland.
  • I am officially feeling guilty enough about procrastinating on the Zinester's Guide book AND site to get my ass in gear. No, really.
  • I'm very anxious to get my hands on the new Schizo. I hear it's not so visceral as previous, scathing issues. Soon Bok's going to be disappointed, I know it.
  • We're planning on trips to Canada in February, Boise in March, Sanfran in April and Korea in July (!)
  • I've helped another blog enter the universe, see Brett blather at Hey, Bartender! on Top Shelf -- also on topshelf: new Comix and a weekly updated Super Spy comic
  • The Motel Life gets printed within the month (and I finally managed to deposit the foreign check I received for payment.. whatta nightmare)
  • I keep staying up until 3am doing nothing, waiting for Soon Bok to get off work from the bar. I try to do stuff, but after 1am, my brain has been going to mush and I just zone out on the most ridiculous crap, such as blogging, BWAHA!

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