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CoverFlow icon

posted in Geek Talk on February 06, 2006

New IconI've been using the "Tech Demo" of one of my favorite recent discoveries on the web, Coverflow, for some time. If you haven't run across this yet, it's an album art browser for your iTunes library, and it makes selecting an album to play so much more fun and organic than a iTunes browser. The "Tech Demo" has been stable enough for daily use -- I'm not sure exactly how much more they plan on tweaking it, but it's fast and usable already.

Anyway, amazing program, but butt-ugly icon. I decided to throw together a nicer icon today, then found myself fiddling with it for longer than I should have. I ended up emailing the developer my earlier attempts, which was probably really annoying (I get the feeling he gets a lot of emails, as interest in CoverFlow seems to be spreading like wildfire on the net). But I kind of like the most recent revision, and thought I'd post it up here.

If you care to use this vinyl-tastic new icon, you can download coverflow.icns.sitx and do the ol' Get Info on both items, copy-paste, and wala. (If this is gibberish to you, and you want to know how to change icons on OS X apps, you can read detailed info at InterfaceLIFT.)

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hmm i can't figure out how to do this. i changed the icon but the transparency doesnt work, it looks like a square.

matt b 3/26/06

making another post so i get emailed when someone responds! help! :)

matt b 3/26/06

how exactly did you go about getting the icon "into" your application?

Nate 3/29/06

i tried several ways. i downloaded the zip. extracted it. opened the icon file in preview. verified that there were several different images in the "package".. went to get info, clicked the icon at the upper left, copied, did get info for coverflow, clicked icon, and pasted.

like i said, i tried several different variations of this... i tried doing 'get info' on the icon file without opening in preview to no avail.

any ideas? thanks in advance,


matt b 3/29/06

OK Matt, try downloading the stuffed version -- I think ZIP was stripping the resource info of the file.

Then just do Get Info on the extracted coverflow.icns file, select it's icon, Cmd-C, then do Get Info on Coverflow's app, and Cmd-V on it's icon.

(Obviously my first attempt at sharing my icon creations..)

Nate 3/29/06

yea! that worked perfectly!

thanks nate!


matt b 3/29/06

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