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Clean humans preach ALL-ONE on crashing Spaceship Earth!

posted in Home Jabber on May 29, 2006

There's a bottle of indie-made peppermint, tea trea shampoo gel (or whatever) in the bathroom made by OZOTL that is so potently seasoned, I find myself pouring some onto my hands and taking a giant whiff whenever I take a shower, and it produces the most intensely transforming sensation I've ever experienced from a smell. How weird is that? The peppermint vapor pierces my brain and freezes everything, sending neurons into a little pitter patter vibration of pleasure and clarity. It's my shower drug. And I love taking showers now just to get my fix of peppermint dope.

I refilled my eucalyptus Dr. Bronner's container with the peppermint flavor, but it's so sad in comparison. Not even close to the indie stuff. Dr. Bronner's seems to have gone soft since the company was taken over by the level-headed offspring of the wacky (and once institutionalized) Doctor Emannuel Bronnner. The once chilling dense and devout religious ALL-ONE! zealotry (some 3,000 words breathlessly crammed into each label) rings less surreal as timeless soapbottle-wisdom and more as kitschy "look at what a freak our grandpa was, oh and it's made with with organic hemp oils now!" Maybe not, maybe my olfactory receptors are so bruised and dented by the giant molecules of Portland peppermint hippie soap, Dr. Bronner's can't compete. Besides, from what I could glean off their website, his offspring seem intent to keep the soap "real" as it were:

While we disagree with Dr. Bronner on some idiosyncrasies in his philosophy, we revere him for his efforts to unite humanity and his exhortations to lead a more responsible life in respect to our environment and each other.

Think and act 10 years ahead! For we're ALL-ONE OR NONE. "LISTEN CHILDREN ETERNAL FATHER ETERNAL ONE!" REFILL FROM GALLON OR DRUM AT STORE! OK! Israel-Moses-Buddha-Jesus-Mohammed: ONE! ALL-ONE!


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Where did you get that indie soap? I want some!

Raymond 5/29/06

It's called OZOTL peppermint, tea trea, and poppyseed olive oil shower gel. Not sure where it came from, it was a present to Soon Bok. Damn potent stuff.

Nate 5/29/06

This soap is the best in the world!! Ihave used it for 4 years and it is awesome!!!

amy schaller 7/4/06

where i get me some?

Acorn Reindeer 7/7/06

My cousins make and sell the OZOTL soaps and shower gels. They are made with olive oil and enriched with milk. Lots of different essence oils to chose from. Try e-mailing at for inquiries.

rosebud 7/14/06

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