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Hypoglycemic Sidenotes and Thoughtcows

posted in Home Jabber on May 30, 2006

Lately I've had some serious blood-sugar freakouts, and they've proven to be either incredibly debilitating and anger-inducing (watch out!), or the complete opposite: pure, driven, productivity and clarity. As soon as I stuff my face with food, my brain mushes, my focus wanes, and I find myself watching the latest episode of Lost (which was pretty damn good, surprisingy) or attempting a dual-boot Windows XP installation on my laptop to play games. (Luckily the latter resulted in a broken DVD drive and I was forced to get back to work, mushy brain and all.)

The computer confusion is over, I have decided: I will stick with my super-expensive, overheating, sleep-waking-sometimes, barely-3-hour-battery-running, MacBook Pro. Fuckit. Overall it's a badass computer, and by far the most powerful machine I've ever owned, but it's definitely got it's share of problems. The more I use it, the more I like it. So that says something.

I have been having a bitch of a time drawing anything at all. But finally, today, I just squirted out a page of my ubiquitous autobio stuff. Again: fuckit, it was FUN, and I might just run with this style for a story idea that's been brewing in the early mornings. Like just start drawing it. Page by page. Nate Beaty style.

Haven't been able to sleep much, largely because of the weird blood-sugar action. This has resulted in hours of late-night, early-morning mental jogging and fence jumping. Tipping thought cows over, hitchhiking on forgotten gems of my past, all that. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince my fingers to convert these ephemeral inspirations to ink on paper in boxes.

A humorous sidenote: the evil landlords who reamed Jeremy and I with $1000 of moveout charges, most of which was for repainting the walls white, just listed the house on craigslist with photos of the house with our purty painted walls which they used as evidence in their charges. Jeremy and I couldn't resist harassing them via email. Their response:

If you bothered to look at the date of the photos, you would have noticed the photos were taken October 4, 2004, immediately after you vacated. The walls were painted before the current tenant occupied and required several coats to cover the existing colors.

Thanks for reminding me to turn your account over to collections.

Bah! Already sent to collections, bucko! Over a year ago! The irony is how good the house looked in the photos, enough to catch the eye of Mary and Joseph, who are currently apt-searching from Astoria.

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yes! draw! nate beaty style. that's all you can do man... i need to stop worrying about shit like that too, and just draw jonathan style...


jonathan 6/2/06

if only i could draw jonathan-style... shit. i do agree we should keep drawing & not worrying, but what keeps getting at me is: I NEED TO PUSH MYSELF. it's easy to draw autobio pieces (which i LIKE to draw and read, granted, and many people tell me to draw this shit all the time) -- BUT, i should be able to script something out and put that together.

a brilliant idea just emerged amid the brainmush: do BOTH. genius, fuckin genius over here.

Nate 6/2/06

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