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lazyass copout sketchdump #2 vs. top10 linkpimpin

posted in Home Jabber on January 15, 2007

Lazyass copout sketchdump #2:


Those who persevere and read below the sketchdump get treated to my winter top10 list:

  1. Walks with aging 4G 20gig iPod with Grado SR60 headphones. Fantastic.
  2. Bike rides with aging 4G 20gig iPod with Grado SR60 headphones. Also fantastic.
  3. Anything non-computer.
  4. My slow-as-molasses (at least when shooting RAW), four pound Canon 300D DSLR.
  5. Sex. Quite possibly should be #1. If this list were rank-based.
  6. Baths so hot your brain short-circuits.
  7. Yoshihiro's new book: Abandon Old Tokyo
  8. TextMate. I spend a good 6-10 hours a day coding. Why not do it in style? It almost makes me not get mad at the computer. Hell, I'd like to only have one line of computer-related linkage: so Django, Billable, Unison, Lightroom, Transmit, Xylescope, Camino, Firebug, and Butler belong on this list, also.
  9. My ability to drink again. Ah, beer. And wine. And hot toddies. And hot, spiced wine. Yum.
  10. Korea! Korea rules. I loved it.

Honorable mentions:

  • The Coup. Should have been in the Top 10, but the last show at Berbati's was depressing. The previous show was the best hiphop show I've seen. I might need to blame all the sad-ass non-dancing white stiff Portland fools who attended both shows, but ruined the second. I'd hate to be a hiphop group playing in Portland. Zombies!
  • Photoshop CS3 Beta: fuck yeah, finally. My 20" Intel iMac doesn't suck all of a sudden. But wtf is up with not being able to see your cursor size? Hello Adobe?

Link Pimpin'

I've just completed my fourth Django site (for some reason I get a lot of pleasure pimping my new favorite framework), which is the online robot-body for Joseph Robertson's new magazine LAB. Phew. (Well, "completed" isn't necessarily accurate -- we have many planned additions for future "phases" of's development.) Originally intended to be a bit more affordable of a print magazine (it's printed on-demand via LuLu, and at 130pp it costs $25 to get a copy), we ended up focusing a bit more on the online end of things. It's available as a downloadable pdf, or you can browse the issues online and leave comments (ratings coming soon).

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Definitely with ya on #3, 5, and 6. In fact, those three seem to go rather well together.

And mucho thanks for plug. Found this blog entry via Mint... ha!

Joseph 1/19/07

some of the best goddam photos you've ever snapped. i say wow and holy cow. seriously.

dwight 1/24/07

what photos? are you drunk?

Nate 1/25/07

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