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more sketchdump with anti-humor attached

posted in Home Jabber on January 25, 2007

This round we get a few guest entries to the lazy-o-matic-sketch-dump-blog, my nephew Aaron Beaty, who just happens to have opened a flickr stream with my xmas gift, my trusty Olympus C3000Z.

Yeah baby! I frickin love this -- how I'm this dense, agitated, German scientist, pacing the room by the fireplace. Obsessed with inventing the next Star Wars supervillain (tv reception is minimal in my lair, I haven't yet learned that Star Wars is OVER..) with Darth Vader and Storm Trooper mask nearby for inspiration.

I couldn't have done it better. A perfect Soon Bok portrait. I really like how Aaron did her mouth, and the expression he got across.

Random scribbles while waiting for food... note my brain eating my hair, and Soon Bok hovering above me, scowling at my Fat Art Girl counterpart, who's brain is drawing in static electricity from the ether, fresh from having rubbed a balloon on her head as a cheap party trick (it still wouldn't stick to the goddamn wall). Then, below, Football Jim, displaced in 2007 from his normal '40s hangout, witnessing his future self as an ElectroBall player in 2009.

And here is the crusty beginning to my current sketchbook. Note ancient todo list with billdaniel and the end. This is really a terrible drawing and I have no idea why I'm putting it here. HANDS ON FIRE!

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Oooh I like the hands-on-fire speaking-To-Do-list sketch. Heck, I'd put it in LAB.

Title: Fire Type With Me?

Joseph 1/28/07

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