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hacksaw buasky vs. mims

posted in Home Jabber on July 28, 2007

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I forgot to mention that I was (barely) in a recent bit with Mims here at work in the mun2 office. I did have a specific shot, but the piece got cut down to 45 seconds or so and it was therefore cut. Which is good because I am not an actor. The missing part in this very odd skit is an opening scene of Mims ordering a fan because he's so hot. Get it? Somehow that got dropped. Now it doesn't really make sense. Mims and his gang were very cool (haha!), and patient as hell to spend 3+ hours shooting this.

hacksaw vs mims

Later in the day we did a webcam interview with Daddy Yankee, who was also friendly and cool. Christine got a kick of him introducing himself as "Daddy Yankee" when meeting him after the interview (he made the effort to go around and say hey to everyone in the office), as opposed to his real name.

A sidenote: as part of my doodies here at mun2, I coded that embedded video player.

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