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Scatterjabber, Skatecrash, and Skiddleybop + Hungry Doodles

posted in Home Jabber on August 04, 2007

More mun2 plugs, ha. I talked Jesse Reklaw and Jonathan Hill into submitting some "glitters" for our site. These are lil' images kids use on myspace pages in comments, mostly. We're working on letting the kids build scrapbooks of random chunks of imagery from our site, and then having THAT embeddable, which could be a fun project.

Some exciting things happening in my wacky stay in LA:

I put up a flickr account just for my mobile, because I really hate the images my camera phone generates, but sometimes it's all you got. I mean, my other camera weighs about 4 pounds and is HUGE. So I don't like lugging it around all the time.

I got a a new skateboard. Yes, 32 years old, and buying my second skateboard in my life, the first having been at age 22, if you can believe it. I bought it from the oldest skate shop in LA, LA Skate Co, which appears to have the oldest website in LA, too. The owner was quite friendly and gave us a good dollop of spiritual insight while he assembled my deck. His coworker revealed he skated in Xanadu, which youtube so wonderfully reminds us is super-gay (as in fun), hilarious, and -- impossible to find individual skaters in. Ah, disco.

new skateboard

This board is probably way too nice for my retarded skating self. Independent trucks + new wheels? I'm used to riding on a 10-yr-old board with hand-me-down, used-for-6-months wheels on Venture trucks. Holy smokes. I of course have eaten pavement at least once since I got this. Speaking of which, this is the nastiest skate wreck ever (this from the xgames last night I believe):


That is just insane. It hurts, but you can't stop watching it.

I've been doing a lot of doodling, but basically only when I'm waiting for food to arrive while eating out (which I do so much, I actually get a lot of doodling done). I haven't been able to do much else, tho, as I get home fairly late, eat, zone out for a few minutes, hang out with soon bok, go to sleep, repeat. Sigh.

The cover on the ancient sketchbook I decided to finish (I have a huge box of a ton of half-finished sketchbooks...haha.)

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