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cords are the bane of the human urban experience

posted in Home Jabber on February 24, 2008

I very much look forward to the day cords go the way of the dodo.

i hate cords -1i hate cords 0i hate cords 1

Someone needs to clean the floor. Gross.

i hate cords 2i hate cords 3

After days of rebuilding my home server on a G4 Cube from a haggard, aging, Pentium, which ironically used to looks like THIS:

i hate cords 1

I got the Cube to behave nicely as an Ubuntu Debian server (serving mostly). I then tried to move the Cube from hiding under our kitchen table to a nice display area on the bookshelf (since it was considerably more attractive and bite-size than ol' Timmy Bitch-What, the ginormous and ugh-tastically beige box). Of course, as my fate in life prescribes, nothing worked after I physically moved it, and I then spent all day fucking with obscure settings to get it limping back to life.

"How come I can't type?" calls Soon Bok from across the room. "UGH! Not another broken computer! I can't take it!" I walk over to see what is wrong with our aging TiBook, which looks like THIS:

crusty tibook

and force quite Firefox and open Safari. "There you go. Use Safari, I give up."

I go to make some toast and the cord MELTS, throwing sparks from the outlet "AHHH!!" I tear a cord off an expired lamp and tape it on the end:

crusty toaster

I go to make some tea and one of the contacts has rusted back and won't connect unless you rock the teapot back and forth JUST SO. "UGH! I swear everything is designed to make me insane."

UPDATE: A coworker Seth, sent me a link to get my cables under control. Some good ideas in there.

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I can't BELIEVE you still have that TiBook. Damn. Impressive.


yeah, still kicking! i still drool over the screen every time i use it -- it's SO much nicer than the macbook screen. they really dropped the ball with these cheap-ass screens.

the tibook gets fussy every so often, but swapping the memory chips and adjusting the tape that covers the short in the trackpad cable puts it at ease for a few months.

nate 2/25/08

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