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BFF final cover

posted in Home Jabber on March 17, 2008

BFF - the Brainfag comics anthology by Nate Beaty

Thar she blow. The final design sent off for distros. I still have a few tiny changes on the book, but I'm going to send out some proofs for folks to look at for quotes on the back cover (such an odd feeling, I totally feel guilty asking for someone to take the time to look at a PDF and write something...)

I'm finally feeling really good about the book, though. After poring over it for nearly A YEAR (I just found the first email re: this and it was on early April), I'm starting to finally feel like it's real and it's going to not suck, haha.

It should be out April 1st (no, really) -- which is *really* weird as far as I can remember, I always finish comics right around this time. It's my cycle, which unfortunately is REAAAALLY slow!

Anyway, I'll keep y'all posted, my devoted 6 readers.

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