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Pretty Monsters!

posted in Home Jabber on April 18, 2008

Soon Bok just started making amazing skin care from scratch at home. She's come up with some innovative products and a tantalizing '50s horror-esque identity to boot. I helped her out with the logo, but that's about it -- it's all her genius.

pretty monsters

She opened up shop at Pretty Monsters on Etsy. Who can resist Zombie Kisses or Dead Swamp Soak or Medusa Mint Balm??

Also, as a sidenote: her products work MAGIC -- seriously. I had a weird dry-skin aberration on my thumb which had been getting worse for weeks -- it disappeared in a day with the use of one of her skin balms.

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Can she offer a feature where we can have anonymous hints sent to various people, suggesting they try her products (because they really need SOMETHING)? And will the site offer before and after photos? Everyone loves those, and they're so convincing!

judi-mom 4/19/08

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