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ASCII Art Master Paul Smith

posted in Home Jabber on April 23, 2008

I remember seeing Paul Smith's typewriter art pieces up on the wall at the old folks' home where my great grandmother resided in Roseburg, OR. They were poorly framed and stained, and the placed reeked of urine and entropy. This aged yellow YouTube clip from 1976 captures that pretty well:

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thank you soooo much for sharing this; brought back old memories! I wonder where his pieces are now.

mom 4/24/08

i really wish this was better quality video

alex 4/28/08

Remember coming across Paul Smith's stuff a few years agoŚ totally blew me away. The video manages to be both inspirational and depressing.

Joseph 5/1/08

Google his name with Typewriter. I found several links.

CC 9/9/08

whoa! i had not heard of Paul Smith. it's obvious from that the images are clearly in his mind as he works. it's almost like just rendering another image (i can see that most are probably based on photographs or similar). very interesting and impressive display of patience and artistry.


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